If you’ve ever wondered how to make a wish come true (or even if it’s possible), it’s likely not something you’ve shared with anyone else.

To many adults, making wishes ranks down there with having pipe dreams, not facing the facts, acting foolish, or being lazy.

Being given permission to wish for things is a childlike privilege that many adults are uncomfortable with. Making a wish seems to be like splurging on your birthday, treating yourself to a day off, or being silly: only approved on rare occasions.

Do wishes come true?

Wishes are related to dreams and ideas, which turn into goals and plans. In its basic form, making a wish is a lot like having hope.

SIngle ticket, for you to make a wish in female handsDid you know optimism is directly related to the chance of physical accomplishment and material success, in numerous studies?

Science says it: when we see what is possible, wish it for ourselves, and enthusiastically conclude we can have it, our luck improves and the odds move in our favor. Luck is where you look for it.

So do wishes come true? Absolutely. Making them is the first step to making your own luck.

How to make a wish come true with these 6 easy rules

1. Wishes only work when they are about what hasn’t happened yet.

You can’t wish for a different past. Well, you can, but the only way a wish about the past can come true is for you to see the outcome differently. So wish for that.

Look for an elevated view of the present regardless of, or as a result of, the past.

2. Wishes only work when they don’t depend on other people to be different.

Think about it: has it ever worked for someone to simply wish something about you? If someone wished you had a different look, different interests, or different ideas… well, you get it.

When asked, we might work on changes to make others happy. But your wishes won’t change anyone. Only they can do that.

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3. If enough people wish for the same thing, enormous change is possible

a lot of fans in full stadium celebrate there goal in open air roof stadium in summer.

We don’t always know how many people is enough, or for how long they must work to make their wishes come true. But we do know that it happens.

Making the wishes, making them known, and sharing them with others of like mind, is where the magic begins.

4. It only takes one person to tip the scales and make a difference.

At some point in every monumental change, discovery, agreement, project, journey or invention, one person is the one person.

The one who thought of it, or the one who saw it first. he one who wrote the words or who found the map. The one who voted to make a majority. Or the one who cared for the baby who grew up to be the one who cared for millions.

Don’t underestimate the power of your wishes or your work on them. You could be the one.

5. You can’t fool Mother Naturea woman blowing a dandelion during summer time

Anything is possible, but not everything will happen. We affect so many events, explore so many possibilities, but nothing is promised to be whatever we wish.

Nature will tend to take its course. Rain, fire, drought, flood. Cancer, arthritis, recovery, ability. Outer space, the ocean floor, the streets of the city, the vast desert sands.

We, along with our wishes, dreams, ideas, and hopes, operate as part of Mother Nature’s family. Wish for a way to get along, not a way to conquer her.

6. Wishes come true all the time, even when you haven’t wished them

I never wished for an instant and ever-present way to communicate with and learn from people and institutions all over the world, and yet I have the internet. How did that happen? I never wished for parents who made sure I Silhouette of girl with arms open wide watching the stars.knew I was loved, or to have access to food in the pantry every day of my life, but I have had all this.

These are a few examples of life-altering circumstances for millions of people on this planet. If I didn’t have them, I’d likely wish for them. But I didn’t have to. How is that for a hidden gem/miraculous view?

Try making a list of all the incredible wishes you would have made, that have turned out to be true for you. It will help you remember you don’t always know your own life’s potential, and it is so great.

Putting Your Wishes to Work

Wishes will never replace action; we know that. You find your four-leaf clover when you’re crawling around on the ground, not when you’re asleep in your bed. But that clover is growing somewhere, while your eyes are closed. But when you let yourself dream of finding it, you are reminded that you need to look.

Whatever you wish for, you bring into your own personal possibility. Because you believe it to be there, you open a pathway for it to come into your life.

In this way, wishes are actual beginnings. They are actions, with effects. Not just whimsy, but part of a measurable reality.


BIO: Faith Watson created 52 Permission Slips to help you feel allowed—literally that you have permission—to take the best care of yourself. Also to help readers calm down, free up and live happy by accepting the beautiful imperfections of their human condition. And to let us all experience amazing improvements week-by-week, without making a huge production out of it. Faith also enjoys sharing on Facebook, so head on over for quotables and pretty pics.