Seeing a positive affirmation on a sticky note, calendar or card has become commonplace in today’s world, but do you take the time to read it, absorb it and put it into action?

If you’re like me, and well most of us, you can become desensitized by the buzz of the world, your cell phone or inner chatter. More often than not, we glaze over and miss the message.

By practicing the power of positive affirmations you can raise your vibration and transform your life, creating the results you truly desire.

By slowing down, becoming more present and understanding that affirmations are a form of vibration, we can truly change our language, our actions, our behaviors & our belief systems. We can rid which no longer serve our highest good!

Adding an image to these positive affirmations will also help as we want to engage as many senses as we can. The more senses we can engage, the more our brain will accept the information as truth.

The power really does lie within us. Most of us, along the way have become afraid to access this power, believe in it and own it.

But, remember — you create your destiny. You create your reality.

Here are five tips to help you choose effective positive affirmations that get you results:

1. Choose affirmations that resonate within you.

It’s not about simply choosing any affirmation; because it has the most likes on social media, or was said by a guru, legend or movie star. You must choose one that inspires you.

2. Make sure your affirmation is authentic and genuine.

It has to speak your truth, otherwise it won’t be effective, and your system will reject it as false.

3. When selecting an affirmation, believe it’s your reality and not just a dream.

Avoid phrases like “one day… I dream…I wish…etc.” A dream is a wish, something far away, out of reach. Envisioning this affirmation as your reality tells your subconscious that you already exist in this place.  You are present. You are ready.

4. Select affirmations that feel powerful.

Perhaps it’s in the imagery or the words, but choosing affirmations that evoke a sense of power will raise your vibration. They will be motivating and motivation unlocks potential!

5. Find positive affirmations that you can easily remember.

This way, you can say them to yourself without needing to pull them out to read them. You want them to become a part of your mantra.

So remember, what works for someone else, may not work for you and it’s important that you allow yourself to honor your path, not that of someone else. So go out and have fun with this project!

Go and find positive affirmations that you can connect with and begin with them in the morning. Say them directly into a mirror. Say them at your desk throughout the day and close with them at night before you close your eyes!

At first it may seem like “homework”, but soon, they will become a part of your thought process and then your thoughts will actually change into a higher working vibration!

Follow these tips and soon you too will feel the power of positive affirmations!


Colby is an internationally recognized psychic medium, teacher, author and public speaker located in Los Angeles, CA. Colby, Psychic Rebel, is known for her integrity and straightforward, no-nonsense approach in delivering her messages from Spirit. Colby has endured vigorous testing and is a Certified Master Spiritual Teacher of both Psychic and Medium thru the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development in Los Angeles, CA (LWISSD). Furthermore, Colby is a Certified Spiritual Advisor™ Advanced Psychic and Advanced Medium through LWISSD and is also a tested and approved member of BAP-Best American Psychics by Shay Parker. Check out her website Psychic Rebel.