“The Law of Attraction is B.S.” ….

They were the first words out of the mouth of one my clients last week. She was frustrated and upset when I spoke to her on the phone. I think that’s a place we’ve all been at some stage, don’t you?

She went on to say “It should be called The Law of ‘Opposites because everything I want I get less of, and everything I don’t worry about I can manifest really easily”.

I said to her, “It sounds like the law of attraction is working perfectly for you!”

There was a deafening silence on the end of the phone.

I was about to either be verbally butchered :), or she was having a major breakthrough.

During that silence, which seemed like an eternity, it occurred to me that we really should call it the “Law of Opposites”.

The Law Of Opposites

We’ve all heard the stories about the couple who want to start a family and can’t. After years of trying they stop, they let go and enjoy how truly great their lives are. Then WHAM….. A couple of months latter they’re pregnant.

Or what about the person who is pursuing a corporate career, fighting hard for every promotion, making large sacrifices and doing everything they can to get to the next level. At some point they release the idea, realizing it’s not worth all the energy. They let go and take in just how beautiful things are already in their life. Then WHAM…. They start getting more promotions, quicker and easier than they have ever had before.

These types of stories abound, and they are not urban myths. I’ve personally experienced both of them, and I know many others who’ve done the same and much more.

Focus On What’s Awesome In Your Life

What’s happening when “you let go”, is you’re shifting your focus from “what’s not right in your life” to “what’s awesome in your life”. You still feel there are some things that would be nice to have, but your key focus is on “what’s awesome in your life”.

As soon as I wrote that last paragraph, I could hear some of my clients screaming “STOP RIGHT THERE! It’s too easy to say that, and extremely hard to do when your heart has just been broken, or when you have nowhere to live and a mountain of debt, or you’ve been trying for years to start a family with no success.”

How do you focus on what’s awesome in your life under those circumstances?

Turning The Law Of Opposites Into The Law Of Attraction

Well I’ve been in every one of those circumstances and I know the pain that goes with them. And I also know what takes the pain away, what makes letting go really easy and what turns the “law of opposites” into the “law of attraction”.

It’s an absolute belief beyond doubt and a complete trust that the universe will deliver. It’s like breathing, you don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to worry about it, you trust it will happen and it does happen. It’s exactly the same with consciously manifesting anything, you don’t worry about it, you don’t even have to think about, you just need to trust that it will happen and it does happen.

Getting that trust and belief in the universe to deliver, begins with yourself, you are part of the universe, and the universe is part of you. The ‘trick’ is in believing in yourself and trusting in the universe to deliver. Because doubting either of these things will stop you dead in your tracks from consciously manifesting whatever you desire.

Real, conscious manifesting begins with your beliefs about yourself. That’s the place to start. When you have faith in yourself, then there is a congruency between the universal energy and your energy, a vibrational alignment. And it’s this alignment that works to fulfill all your desires.

But there’s a catch…

The First Step To Go From “Knowing” To “Doing It”

See, “knowing” what to do and actually “doing it” are two very different things. Knowing that you need to have this absolute belief in yourself, and, therefore in the universe so as to invoke a vibrational alignment is one thing – actually feeling that is another whole different story… You need to implement this concept into your reality if you’re going to make some real change.

One great first step I recommend is to make use of one of your greatest resources – and its free! It’s your close friends.

Call one of your close friends and ask them if they would like to have a mutual “what’s awesome in your life” session. Write down all the things that are awesome in your friend’s life, and they do the same for you. When you meet, you tell your friend all the things you wrote down and why you think they are awesome. Then your friend does the same for you. Remember: no judgment, don’t offer any helpful suggestions or ideas for improvements, this is just about only what’s awesome and why.

You’ll be amazed at all the wonderful things that you already have and just take for granted. Some things, which you see as negatives, when viewed through someone else’s eyes may actually be positives. Remember, these awesome things are in your life because you attracted them, not because of good luck, or any other external influence you can think of, it’s all you.

Welcome those feelings with open arms, don’t reject them, they are a gift and it’s insulting to not accept such a beautiful gift.

You’ll also be cementing an even greater relationship with your close friend.

That’s an awesome first step to changing what you believe about yourself.

Mind Technology To Bypass The Conscious

Another great step is to consider all the latest advances in mind technology these days, which are designed to rapidly turn your dreams into realities and results. Right now, it’s never been easier. It all begins by changing how you feel about yourself, and you can significantly speed up that process by taking advantage of the latest tools and techniques available to you.

I remember a time when I had a huge fear of public speaking. Using some of the latest technologies brought that to an end within one week. That’s right, one of the biggest fears that many people have, gone within a week. In fact, it’s so gone that only a few weeks ago I was standing on a stage in front of over 300 people and to build the energy in the room, I was dancing (another fear I had) to ABBA of all things (this was a seminar, not a nightclub). That’s how powerful these techniques are.

Subliminal Video Messaging

In my personal and professional experience, the easiest of these new mind expanding methods (especially when you’re starting out), would have to be Subliminal Video Messaging – mainly because you can watch these videos on your own without any sort of learning curve, and it only takes a few minutes each day.

In a nutshell, the powerful affirmations behind subliminal videos “by-pass” your conscious mind and work directly with your unconscious (where all of your beliefs are stored), making them incredibly effective to create rapid positive change in the areas you most desire.


I’d really like to hear your thoughts about the “what’s awesome in your life” exercise or any other comments you might have. So please don’t hold back, ’cause I’d like to know what’s awesome about this article :)

Oh – My client, she did have a breakthrough during our session! In fact I just got an email from her this morning letting me know that her inner voice has started to say “you really are blessed and beautiful”. I certainly wish the same results for you.

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