Are you ready to enhance your relationship with desire and an undying passion straight from a romance novel? Or fall head over heals in love again? I’m not talking just about gazing into your loved one’s eyes. I’m also talking about throwing everything off the table just so you can make love.

Sound intense? It should be and it can be.

For anyone seeking the power of love, it’s a must have. If you’re in a long term relationship and you’re looking to bring back the desire or rekindle the flame so to speak, it’s for you. But if you’re single, it’s just as amazing. Learn to pinpoint and manifest what it is that you need in your love life.

So without further ado, here are 3 exercises to set your passion alight:

1. The Mindfulness Exercise

First, spend 5 minutes thinking about what challenges your partner faces in his or her life.

Do they have a stressful job? Do they have to go through heavy traffic, or a busy commute every day? Are they constantly bogged down with house chores?


Health issues?

Once you’ve identified these challenges, pick one (preferably the one they seem bothered about most), and talk to them about it.

Don’t overcomplicate things. All you have to do is find an appropriate time, when he or she is relaxed, look into your partners eyes (and I mean really look into their eyes) and start the conversation with a simple statement.

A statement like “It must be tiring for you to travel that distance every single day.” Or “The kids sure can be a handful sometimes, eh?”

Trust me. Even if it’s a plain statement about a daily occurrence, they’ll appreciate the fact that you noticed.

The next step is LISTEN. They will most likely open up about the issue, and this is where empathy comes into play.

Be supportive. Listen to what they’re saying, and offer solutions or suggestions whenever possible.

Make sure they realize that you know where they’re coming from. If the challenge they’re facing stems from a fault of their own, gently offer advice. Nobody likes to be talked down to.

Keeping passion aliveAnd what do you do if they don’t open up about the issue? Just tell them you understand what they’re going through, and that you’re willing to help them if they need it. At the very least that’ll give them some food for thought.

2. The Compliment Exercise

Think about something you could say to your partner that would make them know you love, admire and appreciate them.

It could be a physical complement. For example, you could tell them you’ve always loved the way their eyes sparkle when they smile. Or how even after all these years, their legs are still as sexy as ever.

It could also be a complement on their talents or abilities. If they cook, you could remind them you absolutely love the food they make. If they work in an office, you could tell them you admire the dedication it must take to get all that work done in one day.

The more specific you are with your complement, the better.

Don’t say something that could come across as insincere. Your complement should be about your partner as a person, so instead of saying *”Nice shoes honey,” you could say *”I love your taste in shoes. You know exactly what to pick to make yourself look even more gorgeous.”

A complement works best when your partner is relaxed. Try this exercise at a time when both of you are at ease, which could be during breakfast, during a night out, or even when you’re getting ready for bed.

All you have to do is get their attention, look into their eyes, and most importantly, say it like you mean it.

Who knows, your partner might give you a nice reward for it ;)

3.  The Intimacy Exercise

This may be something you’re not used to. And if that’s the case, trust me–you must get used to it, because it’s an irreplaceable ingredient to a lifetime of intimacy and passion.

Now here’s what you do:

Talk to your partner about your sex life. Don’t beat around the bush, don’t cover it up with analogies, and get ready to be as honest and open as possible.

Ask them if they’ve been enjoying it.

Ask them if there’s anything they think could make it better.

Ask them if they’d like to do it more often.

Listen to their answers, and give your own opinions. Be honest, but remember to be sensitive to their feelings. Refrain from talking in an accusatory tone.

Remember, you love each other. You’re a team, and you’re doing this to make each other happier, more fulfilled individuals.Couple rekindling passion

If there’s a problem, talk about how you can work together to fix it.

If there’s no problem, talk about how you can make things even better.

The solution may not always be immediately visible, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

When two people are willing to give their all, there will always be a solution.

Being open with one another is an important first step to regaining a passionate relationship.


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