Have you ever stopped to really think about how you’re investing your time?

We invest so much of ourselves into work, school, relationships and so many other things that it’s easy to forget about the most important area of our lives—ourselves! We only have so much time, energy and focus that we can expend throughout the day and it’s important that we use some of those resources for improving different areas of our lives.

Did you know that bettering yourself has a ton of health benefits? For example, investing in creative routines can decrease stress, make you resilient to stress, boost your immune system and delay cognitive decline. On the other hand, learning to embrace failure helps us become less defensive and more generous towards others.

There are many other ways to begin investing time and energy into yourself. Lexington Law has a full list of 22 ways to invest in yourself ranging from ways to invest in better habits to ways to invest in your health. Take a look at the list below to see how you can start making investments into a better you.

ways to invest in yourself infographic

Elisa Rogers

Elisa Rogers

Elisa has been with Lexington Law since 2014 where she started out as a paralegal. Since then, she has developed a passion for understanding credit and personal finance.

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