I recently came across a very interesting flier from a certain church.

The writing was from a bishop who was talking about yoga, and how bad yoga was for you. That it tells you to get out of your mind. That if you practice yoga then you are going to become “a hindu” or “a buddhist” and you should only follow their church teachings. 

My mouth was opened in amazement to see this. 

Another example was a client I had who told me that her psychologist, who was from a specific religion, told her that she shouldn’t do hypnotherapy session because she will be digging in a place she is not supposed to (her own mind) — and this is a psychologist.

You are not supposed to dig in your own mind, you are not supposed to find your own answers within. So where do I find the answers?

Do I have to believe everything my priest tells me? What happens with so-called free will?

The clarification of this misconception is, that the practice of yoga, the practice of tai chi, the treatment of hypnotherapy (I speak of these three because they are the ones I have experienced  myself) have nothing to do with religion.

What Religion, Yoga, Tai Chi & Hypnotherapy Have In Common

Please, do not think that by practicing these holistic activities you are going to convert to another religion. 

What I can tell you is that you will become more of who you are, you will become more human, you will get in touch with your inner self and inner peace. If the god you believe in is against that, then I can’t say anything else to you.

We are all humans living on earth, no matter what your beliefs are. 

Why would your beliefs separate you from others who believe different things than you?

Is that “religious”? To separate yourself from other humans? To feel you are right and “they” are wrong?

One thing I have heard in common from different religious beliefs is that God is Love.

Do you know what love is? Does that love include some humans but exclude some others? Why?

Do you realize that the problems of the world come from the thought of separation? Humans focusing in all the differences we have and putting walls between one another in the name of god, in the name of our country, in the name of our gender, in the name of our race…

Separation will not bring peace.

The intention of real yoga practices, real Tai Chi practices and real Hynotherapists is for you to be you, it is for you to be in harmony with yourself, with God and with Earth. 

It is for you to connect with Life and live a healthy Life — mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is to find PEACE within because the only place where you will find it is within.

In the name of all REAL Yoga, Tai Chi and Hypnotherapists Practitioners I tell you, we have NO interest in changing you into a different religion or belief. 

We simply want to share a treasure we have found.

Evy Y. Parkinson

Creator of Harmoniousinfinity — Mind-Body-Spirit Harmony. She combines her studies and life experience to create a unique therapy which focuses on real healing and getting results. Some of her studies & practices are: Clinical Hypnotherapy/ BSc in Psychology/ Tai Chi & Qi Gong Practitioner/ EFT Practitioner / Meditation. She is the author of Mindful Eating -Connect to your Body Through Awareness- (1st Chapter Download for Free on website). Evy conducts Mindful Eating Programs and offers one to one sessions in person and via Skype. All from a Holistic Perspective. She is based on the healing island of Tobago, W.I. and sometimes travels to other places to give her therapy or workshops