The “Major Arcana” in the Tarot (book of life) translates as “Major Box of Secrets.”

And today I am going to uncover three of those extremely helpful secrets — namely birth cards, relationship cards and year cards.

The three sums that I am going to share with you unlock a wealth of meaning that isn’t necessarily obvious on a day-to-day level. Helping you to work out your life purpose, the lessons you are learning in any year you wish to see, your life long relationship purpose (with anyone you wish) and the lessons you’ll be learning together.

All of which are contained in these three quick and easy simple equations — and believe me, they are simple (they have to be if I can do the math!).

So please do get a pen and paper, along with a cuppa, snuggle down and see what comes up with numerology…

Birth Cards:

  • Your birth card represents your lifelong purpose.
  • To find your birth card, you add up the digits of your date of birth — for example: 1+1+0+8+1+9+7+7= 34,
  • If it’s above 21 then deduce it by adding the two digits together — for example: 3 + 4 = 7
  • Number 7 card in the Tarot is The Chariot — that’s the birthcard.

Year Cards:

  • Year cards represent the shorter-term lessons.
  • You find your year card by replacing your year of birth with whatever year in the past, present or future you wish to look into, for example = 1+1+0+8+2+0+1+ 6= 19.
  • Card number 19 of the Tarot is the Sun, 19 also deduces to 8, which is the Strength card so in a double digit instance that goes no higher than 21 you can read that number and the deduced number. These are known as “Tarot Pairs”. In this case it would double the strength of The Sun card ( because the Strength card is ruled by Leo which is ruled by The Sun).
  • The paired card is often found almost opposite the other when The Major Arcana ( Fool’s Journey ) is laid out in it’s natural circle – just like the zodiac – it tends to be the “opposite sign” within astrology, sometimes it’s not the opposite sign but the same (as with The Sun and Strength) but all the time there is a strong shared identity.


Below is a list of the Major Arcana and their numbers along with a brief description of their purpose.

The natural order is:

0. The Fool/Aquarius

The soul is born anew, pure, wild and free. This is the wild card of the Tarot, the nomad, the maverick, the comedian, the one who isn’t scared to stand out, to push the boundaries, to revolutionise, unconsciously powerful.

Flashes of insight, strong intuition, the eccentric genius who dares to think out of the box.

1. The Magician /Mercury

The soul wakes up to the power it holds, becoming consciously powerful, able to think and manifest, self-belief mirrors use/misuse of power.

If power is misused, there will be strong karmic retribution — all for the learning, the higher aspect of this card is a strong leader who works for the highest good of all rather than themselves.

2. The High Priestess/Cancer

The soul turns inward, strongly attuned to that which isn’t always apparent and highly sensitive to the surroundings. In touch with emotion so much that it changes with the moon, mood swings and attachment issues.

The higher aspect of this card is the seer that helps others discover their own power.


3. The Empress/Venus

The soul feels the call for security, there could be strong karma around the mother or being a mother, the need for security is a life lesson on developing inner security, otherwise attachments could become all consuming.

The higher aspect of this card is the earth mother who knows that she is abundant, plentiful and always looked after, good at nurturing growth of others/environment.

4. The Emperor/Aries

The soul feels that life is his responsibility and that he can rely on no-one but himself, he must to act to build his fortress. Egotistical, headstrong and a force to be reckoned with, or abuse the power in his position.

The higher aspect of this card is morality, loyalty and protection of his people.

5. The High Priest/Taurus

The soul feels the need to belong to conformity or society in some way, a need to fit in or be a part of something bigger, an insatiable need for education, can be rigid, unyielding and dogmatic.

The higher aspect of this card when faith in oneself is achieved, then the teacher inside can really  share all the amazing knowledge gained.

6. The Lovers/Gemini

The soul feels the call of free will, it may always feel like there is a choice, a fork in the road, a feeling of being torn between duty and your hearts calling, creating confusion and anxiety, however — this aspect is never boring!

The higher aspect of this card is someone who finally feels complete, whole and balanced in themselves, with an inner knowing that whatever happens, is meant.

7. The Chariot/Cancer

The soul feels the call to prove itself — yesterday! It’s come to do so much and there is so little time! There is no comfort zone here but a heck of a lot of growth.

The road is fast and bumpy, this is the card of self mastery. Once complete the strength and victory one has acheived will be phenomenal.


8. Strength/Leo

The soul may go through many challenges that it doesn’t feel strong enough to handle, however, being pushed to ones limit repeatedly is only so they really get to see their own strength, so it knows it, knowing is a place deeper than belief.

Once this has been developed the depth of their creative power is limitless, as is the strength of their ability to shine.

9. The Hermit/Virgo

The soul realizes the importance of reflection about all it has learnt, but can become stuck in the mind, over analysing and becoming paralysed. The task at hand is to come out of the cave and shine their lantern to guide the way for others.

Their fantastic writing and teaching skills are key to activate their gifts, the task at hand is to communicate and share.

10. The Wheel/Jupiter

The soul’s past gathers power to create change for the future, previous deeds manifest, reaping what you show, a karmic turn always full of opportunity, sometimes that is through a massive expansion.

Sometimes this is through a massive lesson; however it is presented it is always an opportunity.

11. Justice/Libra

The soul has lessons to learn around being truthful with oneself, alignment to whats right and being in integrity, usually it is fear of facing the truth deep within that causes karmic retributions through relationships.

Once the soul is in their power with their truth they become an empowering force for themselves and others.


12. The Hanged Man/Pisces

The soul may feel held back, unable to birth their creation in the world, lost, confused and not of this world, however, the lesson here is in perception. It’s all about getting the right mindset and looking at where they are holding themselves back, what is it they are hung up on?

Once this is realized and released, an amazing feeling of being in the divine flow manifests.

13. Death/Scorpio

The soul continually transforms,  living many past lives just in this one present life. Massive lessons with coming out of the ego, allowing oneself to be open and vulnerable, knowing that identitiy and ego are finite, love, connection and the soul are infinite.

The power to be transformed and transform.

14. Temperance/Sagittarius

The soul continually flits from place to place, divinely guided yes, in the flow, yes. It’s hard to see a lower self manifestation of Temperance, as Temperance is about grace.

Temperance is the fourth virtue — the other three being Strength, Patience and Justice, if you feel out of flow and ungraceful then the other three virtues must be strengthened, this will then automatically result in Temperance.

15. The Devil/Capricorn

The soul may feel like nothing is easy, lots of obstacles and restrictions feel heavy – yet over time, if worked with and not escaped from great strength is born, as well as great power to manifest strong, long lasting powerful foundations. The soul needs to continually be awake and aware of lower self tendencies that may self destruct. The higher self then has the space to emergefid fear is overcome.

16. The Tower/Mars

The soul is expelled from it’s confines powerfully and instantly, a life full of sudden changes that lead to greater freedom the more they happen. Plenty of blessings in disguise.

This soul can also have this effect on others, throughout life they must develop their awareness of the power they have on others and use it to help others come out of their own confines without shocking them out of it — like they have been used to.

Often a truthful soul, one must learn to present these truths in a powerful rather than hurtful, shocking or traumatising way.


17. The Star/Aquarius

The soul is supported to manifest it’s dreams, the challenge is in the self belief, the soul may feel blessed with great creativity and talent and find it hard to know how to ground this. Having too much choice is nearly as bad as none at all.

Once the lesson around self-belief is learned, they can become a huge inspiration to others who also wish to manifest their heavens here on earth. Much healing is present.

18. The Moon/Pisces

The soul is highly senstive, psychic and overwhelmed, challenged by vulnerability and strength of emotions. Deeeply connected to the past and the mother, can feel intensely needy. The more the soul looks externally to find what to do the worse it gets.

The key is to constantly learning to go within, to give space and time to listen to the intuition and take things slowly, with that the strong instinct will come through.

19. The Sun/The Sun

The soul comes into the heart of all it is, the key here is identity and knowing who it is, what the life purpose is and being courageous enough to do it.

Huge warmth, positivity, joy and exubarance makes for an incredibly creative individual, strong leader, powerful persona.

20. Judgment/Pluto

The soul is learning about how judgemnts (whether they are good or bad) have the potential to block growth. This is a powerful card for growth once the soul is willing to release all that holds it back.

Huge opportunities propel them forward into an ever evolving life beyond wildest dreams — only if they really truly have mastered the art of letting go.

21. The World/Saturn

The old soul, the soul that has worked through so much that the wisdom they have is of huge benefit to the world. Again it is hard to see a lower self of The World – the only thing I could possibly make of a lower aspect here is if the soul is carrying things from the past, believing that they still have a hold and those recreating the same existence, when it is in fact no longer the case.

This is the soul who has mastered the path of success, if it isn’t feeling that way then is it the picture of success which is different, or is the bagagge too heavy to take round the world? The good of humanity is a strong drive.



  • Work out the birth card numbers of the two people concerned and then add them together, for example =Mrs Anon 11/08/1977 =34/7 and Mr Anon 30/5/1973 =10
  • 7+10 = 17/8
  • Lifetime relationship purpose is The Star and Strength


  • You can also look at any of the shorter year lessons within a relationship by adding the year numbers together, for example=
  • Mrs Anon 11/08/2009 =21/3 Mr Anon 30/5/2009= 19/10
  • 3+10= 13/4
  • Year of marriage purpose The Emperor and Death.

I’d love to know If you found this illuminating? Did you have any breakthroughs of understanding? Feel free to comment in the comments section below.


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