Can I ask you, how does the turn of the New Year make you feel?

I would love to hear if you care to share in the comments below, because…

Every New Year, I tend to go through a really full on shift. One I didn’t understand for SO many years. All I knew was just that I hated New Year with a passion!

I remember being in a nightclub one New Year, and a friend doing EFT on me to try and release the horribleness I was feeling. It didn’t work because I didn’t understand that my internal processing was serving a purpose.

Now I do.

And it’s time to share this in case it rings a bell with you too, and we can start going in a different way, one of saying it’s okay not to be expected to dress scantily in the coldest climate of the year, freeze almost to death whilst wearing back-breaking heels, just to go out in an overcrowded overpriced nightmare.

In fact it’s just a really unhealthy way to see in a brand new year.

Is anyone with me on this?

As you read on you will discover (in this order):

1) What New Year is really all about.
2) How that could be affecting you.
3) 3 ways to make the change.
4) How to claim a free world healing meditation MP3.

As always, if it feels bad then there’s a message, a reason, something to learn.


It took me about 36 years to learn what was happening.

Firstly, my subconscious releases the story of my year, I didn’t consciously know this,  I just  felt all this “stuff” consuming me.  I didn’t understand the “stuff,” it just all came up, every year without fail.

I feel everyone else’s subconscious to do the same thing. Hence it’s not just the freezing cold, tiny dresses, back breaking heals and overpriced venues that I find physically unbearable, but being amongst so many others was just completely mentally and emotionally unbearable too.

I am very tapped into stories from the past,  I feel history course through my veins, particularly if it has been traumatic, and to this extent:

Back in 46. B.C, Julius Ceasar claimed January 1st as the start of the new year after the Roman God Janus (January) who had two faces, one looking back and one looking forward.

He then proceeded to “celebrate “the first ever New Year by ordering the violent routing of revolutionary Jewish forces in the Galilee (such a violent affair that blood flowed in the streets). In later years, Roman Pagans engaged in drunken orgies as a ritual. A personal re-enacting of their belief of a chaotic world that existed before the universe was governed by the gods. 

And those were the seeds that lead us to where we are today, and what in the world is going on this this New Year? Surprise, surprise: war. And where will most of the population be? Out on the streets reenacting the history, unconsciously adding to this energy?


How do you feel on New Year?

My guess is that if you are reading this then it’s probably the same way, but maybe like me, you didn’t know why and knowing why is so powerful. Which is why the most important thing (as Plato said) is to “Know Thyself.”

Once we do, the pain lessons and the permission to be you grows.

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to get clear for your best new year yet:

1) Treat yourself with love, nurture and kindness.

Instead of putting yourself under pressure with New Year resolutions, try New Year intentions instead. Hold a peaceful, loving kindness in your heart to yourself and it will naturally radiate around you, radiating out to others, creating a new wave for New Year.

2) Be aware of all the strong psychic energies abounding and look after yourself accordingly.

There are many ways you can do this, you could wear white or black (contrasts rebound and colours absorb). Clean and cleanse your house and your crystals, gridding the house with them.

For example, you could get a four pieces of black tourmaline and selenite and after cleansing (don’t cleanse selenite in water because it’s gypsum and it will dissolve, use incense — frankinsense is great) place a piece of each in four corners of your home, this will power up the cleansing and help it last a lot longer.

3) Stay somewhere private, by yourself or with a select few and focus on a different type of collective consciousness, one of clarity and peace.

You may want to talk about what you want to see happen in your life, your world, your year, and it’s a perfect time to  send some world healing — now that would be powerful and you could plant your hopes and dreams for a peaceful world deep within, (see below on how to access my hour long world healing meditation for free).

“Be the change you wish to see.” ~ Gandhi


Tiffany Crosara is the quirky, out of the box Award Winning Author of The Transformational Truth of Tarot and The Transformational Truth of You. She has also won awards for helping people to move forward in their lives, both on and off the TV screen. She is passionate about helping people to find and live their their life with connection, meaning and purpose and is giving away and she is giving away a chance to get started on the journey leaving you full of "aha" moments! for free, see here: click here for access.