For a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life, growing spiritually is key. And … it’s an inside job.

Since the spirit is, in fact, wiser and more compassionate than the ego-driven personality, it’s easy to see why spiritual growth promises a happier life. We may think of the peeps dedicated to spiritual growth as lonely hermits, removed from the world.

Once upon a time, that was true. But today, people are learning how to be “in the world but not of it,” seeking spiritual growth no matter what their religion, personal or professional life is.

The phrase ‘spiritual growth’ may not be completely accurate because the spirit itself is already perfect. Spiritual growth is actually a process of removal, in a sense, because it has to do with the getting rid of layers of false beliefs, concepts and thoughts about the nature of reality, and who we truly are beyond our individual personalities and our physical forms.

It’s a process that brings us to greater levels of awareness and a deeper connection to our spiritual self. This is the self that exists beyond time, space and our personal ‘story’. Even though this spiritual self is always there, all those layers of ego-stories, fears, dogma, worry, stress and doubt can keep it buried.

The benefits of growth beyond the ego and into spiritual awareness are many. They include:

  • Greater emotional and mental detachment from what’s going on inside your head and outside in the world.
  • This detachment allows for deeper levels of inner peace and more emotionally stable feelings, and results in …
  • freedom from the negative influences outside yourself.
  • More tolerance for the foibles in yourself and others.
  • More patience for yourself and others.
  • An increase in your inner power and vitality.
  • Sharper intuition.
  • Being a better friend, family member and community citizen.
  • Greater and longer lasting happiness.

As we shed limiting and negative beliefs, habits and thoughts, our spirit within is free to shine. You can think of the spirit as a lightbulb that’s turned on, but covered under layers of junk. (I know, it sounds like a fire hazard, but bare with me, it’ll make sense in a minute).

In order to let the the light of that bulb actually do its job and illuminate the room, you have to take off all the debris, sometimes one layer at a time. The more debris you remove, the more light shines through, until the entire room is bright with light.

Now the question is—how do you get rid of the debris? Basically by using the tools we offer you here at FinerMinds.

Things like:

  • positive thinking
  • reading spiritually inspiring guidance
  • speaking positively
  • inner reflection on your motives
  • meditation
  • actively uplifting others with your words and deeds
  • remaining non-judgmental of others
  • prayer and intention
  • Gratitude and appreciation

What spiritual growth practice do you find most powerful and empowering? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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FinerMinds Team

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