Do you know what the opposite of love is? Nope, it’s not hate – although that’s the most common way of thinking about it. Actually, the opposite of Love is the emotion and vibration of love and FEAR. And fear stems from the biggest limiting belief of all: that we’re separate from love, unworthy of acceptance and alone in the universe.

Does this sound too emotional and fuzzy for ya? Well listen up: if you tend to either recoil with hurt, take ‘revenge’ through rejection or shift into ‘attack mode’ whenever your opinions are challenged or your ego feels threatened, then this message is definitely for you, so please read on …

The purest experience of love has no reason to be. Love just IS. For all those of you who’ve experienced true love, the love-beyond-romantic-sap, and beyond the love-based-on-expectation (aka: conditional love), you know what I’m talking about.

Now think about hate … (well, don’t think about it for too long, eh?) Hate is generated by something. We’re not born hating, we grow into this ugly feeling because we’re prompted to. And what does the promting?

Fear. Yep. Fear.

You see, underneath the feelings of hate or resentment, critical judgement, holier-than-thou-ness, and bi-atch behaviors like revenge and spite, is the energy of fear. This fear is the source and generator of emotional anguish and pain of all kinds.

Fear’s antidote is, not surprisingly, unconditional love and total self-acceptance. This is because, where fear shuts us down and off from connection to ourselves and others, love opens our hearts and raises us above fear’s unconscious, reactionary promptings.

The quantity and proliferation of fear-based stories has been with us for thousands of years now. Whether they’re religious dictates built around ‘god’s smite’ of his (supposed) enemies (yeah, right), or the toxic impatience of unconscious parents, teachers and ‘spiritual’ mentors, this fear has grown and spread like the poison fungus it is.

It’s time to Change

As we face too many planetary cataclysms (nature and man-made), and an absurdly unending war that most of us don’t want, it’s really high time we each make a serious change. It’s time we move from a fear-based consciousness to a love-based consciousness.

Now some people believe that shifting from fear to love is a luxury only the fortunate few can indulge in. They believe that “fighting the ‘good’ fight” or resisting the dominant paradigm are the only ways to create peace on Earth. But I ask you, if we’re not peaceful and loving within ourselves, how can we create a world of peace and love?

It’s time for fear to transform into love-inspired, higher awareness. And this means it’s time that each of us make a vibrational choice: either continue down the fear-inspired road and let these lower vibrations eat you – and the rest of the world- alive, or open your heart to the guidance and higher perspective of love.

Your Turn!

So many people are ‘waking up’ right now and recognizing that we simply must shed the old consciousness based on fear and separation, and embody the love vibration. Have you felt this shift? What brought you to it and how are you bringing the love vibration into your life? Share your experience with us in the comments below.


FinerMinds Team

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