Interdimensional travel wha? Quantum Jumping? Okay, if those words are giving you that look of confusion I sometimes get when I watch any reality TV show with Paris Hilton in it, then let me explain.

Quantum Jumping is a new craze that’s swept the world by storm for the past year and a bit. There’s also a rich, thriving onling community dedicated to it. But what is it?

Basically, Quantum Jumping is the process of imagining yourself “jumping” into parallel dimensions, and gaining skills, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself. In short, a technique to source inspiration, ideas and new skills.

Sound a little “out there”?

Okay, I can’t say that I didn’t think it was a little nuts at first when I heard about it 2005, but if you’re willing to let your mind explore this idea, then you might see why so many people swear it works.

On March 3rd this year I drove up to see Burt Goldman at his home in a Californian Desert. I was amazed by what he saw and what the man was up to.

In the video, he does a way better job of explaining Quantum Jumping. Plus, you’ll get a peek into how it’s changed his life. Is this video recording is proof of Quantum Jumping?

Watch the vid below. It’s awesome stuff and shows Burt’s talent. Plus you’ll get a sneak peek of his home.

But there’s just sooo much more to Quantum Jumping than what I managed to get onto film, so I had an even better idea! Here’s what’s going down now.

The Quantum Jumping Webinar! (cue fireworks)

On This Sunday, FinerMinds will be hosting a 1-hour, up close and personal, behind the scenes look into Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman himself. Not only will you learn how to do it, but Burt’s also going to share why he had to keep this technique a secret for over 30 years! (Clue: When you talk about things like this, people accuse you of being nuts).

All you gotta do is sign up here to get your free access pass to Burt’s video class »

It’s been awhile since Burt let the world know of Quantum Jumping, so he’s got a few things rolled up his sleeve that he definitely wants to share.

Here’s a snippet of what you’ll be learning when you attend the webinar:

  • The new & advanced Quantum Jumping techniques Burt has created since launching the original Quantum Jumping program over a year ago
  • How, to this day, Quantum Jumping continues to shower its practitioners with an endless stream of creativity and inspiration (and how you can experience the same)
  • The mind-blowing feats thousands of people have accomplished after using Quantum Jumping

Join us. All you need to do is sign up below:

Register for the Quantum Jumping video class here »

Give it a shot and you’ll be amazed at what this can do for you

PS: I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t completely buy the multiple universe stuff. But I do admit, Quantum Jumping DOES work. Even if we can’t explain how. And if you’re familiar with Napoleon Hill’s “Invisible Counselors” Technique, then Quantum Jumping is the Rolls Royce of these types of methods.


Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley — a ground-breaking company comprised of innovators, artists, technologist and dreamers from over 30 countries around the world. Vishen also created the transformational program, Consciousness Engineering.