We all want to become better persons, to be the best version of ourselves, but sometimes we don’t know how and where to start. What if I told you that by asking yourself several questions on a regular basis you can effectively develop a personal mindset focused on growth?

It may sound silly, but asking yourself important questions is just a form of introspection. Introspection is, in other words, the act of observing and examining our own feelings and conscious thoughts.

Before we talk about the 5 introspective questions that will help you develop a personal growth mindset, you must first get to really know yourself. Therefore, here is a set of questions that you may find foolish or time-wasting, but you might be surprised to find that answering them will often put you in trouble:

  • What am I good at? Why?
  • What am I bad at? Why?
  • What am I so-so at? Why?
  • What makes me happy? Why?
  • What makes me sad? Why?
  • What makes me angry? Why?
  • What makes me afraid? why?
  • What makes me tired? Why?
  • What makes me stressed out? Why?
  • What relaxes me? Why?
  • How qualitative is my sleep? Why?
  • What is my definition of success? Why?
  • What things do I value in life? Why?
  • What do I think about myself? Why?
  • What type of person do I want to be? Why?
  • What type of worker am I? Why?
  • How do I want others to see me? Why?
  • What type of friend do I want to be? Why?
  • What is the most important thing in my life? Why?
  • Who are the most important persons in my life? Why?

It’s crucial to ask yourself why you gave that answer as there lies your true self – the reason behind your feelings, actions, and desires. Now, here are our 5 questions that will help you develop your personal mindset focused on growth:

1. Am I the Best Version of Myself? No? Why?

Our whole life revolves around giving the best of us in every situation in order to become the best possible version of ourselves. Yet, only so few of us are willing to take our time to reflect on this question.

Moreover, it’s not enough to realize that you are not performing the way you want. You must identify the factors that are standing in your way and find solutions to overcome them.

2. Do I Have and Maintain High and Yet Realistic Standards in Life? No? Why?

Standards, goals, call them as you please. For them to happen, you need to know where you’re heading towards in life and keep aiming even higher. Leverage the power of motivation to aid you even in the darkest times.

Remember: when things seem to go against your will, it may be a sign that your attitude is the problem. When the attitude is the problem, nothing’s going to help you grow except a shift of mindset.

3. Am I Disciplined in Terms of Procrastination, Distractions, and Temptations When I Have to Do Something Important? No? Why?

All of us can recognize the struggle of fighting with our desires. We need to understand, once and for all, that life is not only about pleasure. It’s also about the pain and the lessons that we learn from it. Learn to divide everything by these two factors: importance and urgency. If something is neither urgent or important, cut it from your life or at least reduce it.

4. When I Fail, Do I Reassess My Steps and Search for Improvements and Valuable Lessons? No? Why?

We are not meant to succeed all the time. We are meant to fail again and again until we learn from our mistakes. When the lessons are learned, success will be more approachable.

If you don’t look back and reflect on what went wrong, then you have failed in vain and you shall fail again. There’s no greater teacher than our mistakes and failures. Therefore, you must stop perceiving your failures as a bad thing for they are not.

5. What Skills Do I Need to Improve in Order to Achieve My Goals?

We aren’t born with skills that immediately lead us to success. We must form our set of skills over the years and learn how to leverage and master them. If you know where you’re heading towards, you must fight with the right weapons.

In this case, the right set of skills. Keep in mind that without constant training and usage, same as weapons, your skills will rust.


It’s all about asking the right questions. After you get to really know yourself, it’s time to take a closer look at these 5 harder questions that can open up your eyes in terms of improvement. And don’t forget to reflect on the reason behind your answers. Asking yourself “why?” is the key to understanding yourself, your behavior, and your fears.

Kurt Walker

Kurt Walker

Kurt Walker is a professional journalist at https://www.essaygeeks.co.uk/. He enjoys reading the books, traveling, and writing about technologies, education, and motivation. You can follow him on Twitter.

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