Whatever you’re looking for, you already are.

In this short article, we discuss inner alchemy – how you can get in touch with everything that you are and manifest more of what you truly want in life.

What Is Inner Alchemy?

Paulo Coelho quoteInner alchemy, also known as Neidan in the Taoist tradition, refers to the journey of reuniting with Source. 

This journey to Source, or the Higher Self, requires one to look inward and seek to align all thoughts, beliefs, and actions with the inner Divine.

Within you lies all the answers to every question you’ve ever had. With inner alchemy, you can discover these answers (and so much more!).

18 Practices on the Journey of Inner Alchemy

1. If you’re looking for love, look within yourself and you will find it.

2. If you’re looking for joy, sit quietly and move your attention to the back of your heart, and you will feel it.

3. If you’re looking for inner peace, choose to let go of the thoughts and emotions that usually trigger your pain and fear, instead of clinging, and you will be it.

4. If you’re looking for happiness, look at everything around you through the lens of gratitude and unconditional love.

5. If you’re looking for success, connect to all the progress that your soul has made, all the lessons that you’ve learned, and all the gifts that you’ve received throughout.

6. If you’re looking for appreciation, appreciate yourself and all your efforts more, and you will no longer feel the need for it.

7. If you’re looking for better health, listen to your body, love every part of you, and nurture yourself as you would like to be nurtured by others.

8. If you’re looking for connection, close your eyes, tune into your breath, and send love to yourself and all beings, especially in times of challenge and triggering.

9. If you’re looking for trust, trust yourself to always know deep inside what is in your highest and best good.

10. If you’re looking for wisdom and discernment, listen and look attentively without the bias of attachment and aversion.

11. If you’re looking for more, be more present and you’ll experience the vastness and richness of your experience.

12. If you’re looking for presence, ground yourself in your body and you will feel it.

13. If you’re looking for fulfillment, come into alignment with who you truly are.

14. If you’re looking for alignment, get in touch with your feeling and find out who you truly are.

15. If you’re looking for equanimity, place your consciousness at the seat of your soul and stay there.

16. If you’re looking for God alignment, ask for guidance and intend to hear and receive it.

17. If you’re looking for intentionality, do the things that matter to you most.

18. If you’re looking for your true self, let go of your ego and you will find it.

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The Universe Resides Within You

Whatever you’re looking for, both internally and externally, it’s already there, within you.  You are a microcosm to the macrocosm of the Universe.  Everything within you is a representation of the outer world.  If you go within – beyond the layers of ego – you will always find whatever you’re looking for.

Tune into yourself, observe your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with detachment, and focus your attention, time, and energy where you want things to grow.  That is the real inner alchemy and only secret of manifestation.

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