In order to become an optimistic, self-sufficient, and confident person, a high sense of self-worth is critical.

Self-esteem affirmations are a very powerful way to increase your sense of worth as a human being.

This is due to the fact that positive affirmations have the force of changing your subconscious.  This includes shifting your way of thinking into something that can help you achieve self-esteem.

Most people don’t even know of such techniques because they are unaware of its advantages.

There are simple yet effective methods that you can use as a means of creating positive affirmations. This article will provide you with the methods for making and using self-esteem affirmations.

1. Define Your Standards

You have to first determine your standards in building self-esteem. You may do this by ascertaining the qualities of a person who has a high sense of worth.

Think of a specific person (alive or dead) that you think has a very high level of self-esteem. Use such qualities as a starting point in making your own personal positive affirmations. You have to inculcate your mind with such high standards.

Unconsciously, your mind will react to such instructions. You have to specify what acts define self-esteem. An example of which is the capability of talking to different people and the courage to speak your mind.

Make a list of such actions that you think are present in a confident person.


2. The Formula of Positive Affirmations

You need to follow a formula for creating positive affirmations. It must be in the present tense using positive statements, as well as in the voice of first person, and affirmations must be action based.

Examples can include:

  • “I’m persuasive and assertive when it comes to my business dealings.”
  • “I like to initiate conversations with strangers.”
  • “I have a knack for closing deals.”
  • “I follow my schedules with discipline.”

Take note that in the above statements, they follow the principles in making self-esteem affirmations:

  • Present tense is used
  • They are Positively stated
  • They are in the voice of a first person
  • Each is involving a specific action

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After reaching this stage, you are now ready for the next step.

3. Rehearse Your Affirmations

Usage of self-esteem affirmations is a continuous and a constant process. Reciting these affirmations every morning and evening will give you excellent results. This is very essential because it serves as training for your mind in which you need to be consistent; else, it will undo what you have started your efforts would just be wasted.

Thus, constant practice is needed, and if you start becoming uninterested, be innovative and invent new affirmations.

Make this your daily routine and self-confidence will just become a part of you. Slowly at first, but then more powerfully over time.

Carol James

Carol James

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