Since time immemorial, one simple truth has been apparent: doing exercise is healthy. Sure, medical science has progressed immensely, and all kinds of breakthroughs have happened. But when it all comes down to it, people who exercise constantly are simply healthier and live longer. However, this isn’t the only benefit of working out.

Do you know that staying physically active can actually boost your happiness on a daily basis?

There are many ways in which exercise and happiness are connected, and we bet you haven’t known or thought about many of them.

Don’t worry though–we’re here to change all of that!

Exercise and happiness are intimately connected

People jogging atop the Brooklyn bridge during daytime

Let’s face it – people are rarely completely satisfied with their lives. And that’s no accident either; this isn’t so much a personality trait, as it is a fact of nature.

Like all other living things, we have an evolutionary need to become better, to strive towards greatness. That’s just one of the reasons exercise and happiness are intertwined; we like advancing ourselves, on a biological level. 

And that’s exactly why so many people who work out on a regular basis are simply happier; we like our hard work to matter.

If you think about it, you’ll soon realize one simple fact: In most cases, the results of exercise are immediate and visible. Really, it makes sense. If you work out hard enough, you’ll soon become fitter and be in better condition. Which is something people notice, and that results in instant gratification.

At the end of the day, the only way to truly be happy is to really love yourself. So, start exercising as soon as you can!

An elderly couple riding bikes in the countryside, as an example of exercise and happiness.

This fitness will spill over into other parts of your life

Sure, if you’re fit and healthy, you’ll feel better, so you’ll be happier. That’s the first immediate benefit you’ll have from the connection between exercise and happiness and an extremely obvious one. But one thing you’ll soon see is that this will also improve your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

Constant fitness leads to personal growth on all fronts, and you’ll realize this as soon as you begin working out.

For many people, not being able to build a constant schedule makes their lives quite difficult. You can’t find ways to motivate yourself in your work or your studies, and you simply can’t finish anything you start.

Sound familiar?

Yes, motivation issues are a problem for many, many people. But once you start exercising, this will become one of the best habits you can develop in life. Furthermore, it’ll help you stick to other, less immediately pleasing routines as well. You’ll soon realize that you’re able to work harder and longer, and not just physically! Your intellectual capacity will also increase, so doing your day job or studying will become much easier.

Two men running trail in a rocky forest.
Once you start working on your fitness, you’ll handle things like work and studying better!

Your relationships will also improve

As we’ve mentioned – you should start with your new healthy lifestyle immediately, if you want to see results.

Find yourself a trainer today and you’ll see your life improving greatly pretty soon. And yes, we’ve already talked about how this will improve your professional life, but you’ll also see your personal life becoming much better and easier.

For example, you’ll find yourself developing and maintaining relationships much better. That goes for romantic relationships as well

Why? Well, for a number of reasons.

First of all, physical fitness will improve your self-confidence, so you’ll handle your social life with more finesse and ease. Also, more specifically, your romantic relationships will be more satisfying.

Remember those countless spats you’ve had with your partners over meaningless things? These will almost completely become a thing of the past.

Exercise and happiness go together like that, like love and relationships – you’re simply more relaxed. Really, there will be far less stress for you to expel in basically useless arguments, which is also one of the reasons people work out.

To put it simply – anger management won’t be such a big problem anymore, which obviously has a positive impact on all of your relationships with people.

A young couple drinking from mugs and relaxing in a cabin, with a pet dog.
People who have workout routines find romantic relationships much more relaxing!

You’ll sleep much better

One of the great benefits of exercise and happiness and their connection is you’ll find yourself getting a good night’s sleep far more easily.

Sure, to many people, this seems like something that’s not a significant issue at all, right? Well, you’d be surprised to learn how many people suffer from sleep disorders. And this is no small problem! There are many health benefits of sleep and, consequently, bad things that come from sleep deprivation.

But that’s exactly where working out will help a lot! If you exercise on a daily basis, your body will have far less energy come sundown.

No matter how hard you find it to fall asleep at night, once you’ve used yourself up both intellectually and physically during the day, that’ll be much easier. Although, a fair warning – working out just before bedtime is not a great idea for everyone. If you work yourself too hard, you might find yourself too pumped up to fall asleep – causing the opposite effect of what you wanted. So, basically, the key is lots of exercise, but at the right time.

Lara Smith

Lara Smith is an aspiring health and fitness blogger that spends her free time exploring new ways to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Even from an early age, Lara was always on the move, looking for any opportunity to train. Three years ago, she decided to share all that knowledge with the world through the written word. Be it recipes for good nutrition, challenging exercises or daily fitness routines, you can always discover something new.