When we are expecting, we stick to our results. We stop looking on the bright side, forget about living in the moment, and when something doesn’t correspond to our expectations, we get angry or become upset.

Instead of expecting something from other people, you can meet the possibilities and be happy with all the big and little changes every day.

1. Waiting for approval

Don’t fall into the waiting game for someone to notice your unique features or value. Be confident that your value is inside you.

Remember that every person worries about their own life, needs, and wishes. Everything you can hear from other people about who you are and what you do is about their expectations, not yours.

2. Seeking for evaluation and reward

If you give lots of effort to your job and are always ready to help your friends and relatives, but don’t receive the reward – it’s about you!

Do not allow others to put you in a bad mood and manipulate you with praise or criticism. Only you know how valuable your work is, how much effort you put in, and how much it cost you. What can you do?

  • Work with your childhood complexes and hard feelings.
  • Become your own judge and advocate.
  • Set your own list of priorities and values.
  • Learn to enjoy the process.

3. Hoping for motivation and support from others

Sometimes your friends can cheer you up, but they can’t help you live a happy life. Take support when someone offers it to you and don’t make it the source of your motivation. Only you can set goals and do all possible to achieve them. Stop expecting someone to come and help you overcome difficulties.

Don’t set unreachable goals – try to divide a big goal into several small steps. You will see that the path becomes easier, and this will keep you motivated.

4. Expecting that all people will understand you

No one knows you better than you. Unique experience has shaped your outlook on life and differentiates you from other people. That’s why there is no sense to expect that people will understand your thoughts and actions.

Some close people may understand you, while some won’t. Accept that each person has their own point of view. Don’t waste energy on imposing your mindset on others.

5. Concentrating on negativity

Unfortunately, we frequently focus on negativity. If you listen to people talking around you, you may notice that many of them are complaining and blaming others. You can join their team or choose your own way.

Realize that you have the possibility to bring positive vibes in your life, and the only person who can do it is you. Think positive, talk positive, turn negative thoughts into positive ones, and try to create a positive surrounding.

6. Searching for your life purpose in people and things

Have you ever thought that a new pair of shoes would make you happy? Or have you ever thought that you would meet a person who would give meaning to your life?

Stop waiting for someone or something to turn your life for the better. Become a better version of yourself and concentrate on achieving your own goals. You will see the positive changes and “your” people will enter your life.

7. Believing that life is fair for everybody

This may sound obvious, but we all hope deep down that evil will be punished and good deeds will be rewarded. Life is an unfair thing. Children get sick, people die, and you may be dismissed from a job at any time. Your aim is to maintain healthy criticism and not take your failures to heart.

Make conclusions and hope for better. It is as in the old saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

8. Waiting for someone to cheer you up

Don’t expect everyone to be funny and make you happy in difficult moments. Allow yourself to be funny and crazy. Try not to take everything too seriously and strive hard for perfection.

Sing in the shower, dance in your pajamas, make someone laugh – you will see how it takes the edge off. Don’t wait for someone to come and cure your blues; you can help yourself better.

9. Seeking for answers from other people

Everyone has problems. Most of us hope that these problems will take care of themselves or someone will come for the rescue. But in reality, we are drowning in problems.

Take responsibility for your problems and deal with them. If you take the position of the victim, you will stop controlling your life. Other people cannot decide or recommend, as they have other viewpoints.

Take your failures as experience and make conclusions. Cheer up, correct your plans, and go on to your dreams and goals.

10. Waiting for someone’s opinion

Sometimes we are too focused on what others say about us. A glance from a stranger or a laugh may make us feel that something is wrong with us.

If we are looking for negativity, we will find it. Everything becomes suspicious. As a result, you won’t leave your own life and will turn into a neurotic person. In fact, people usually care about themselves, not about you.

Wrapping Up

So, the time has come. Take life into your hands and stop waiting for someone who will turn your life into magic. What changes do you want to make? And what mistakes can you forgive yourself for? Is there something you can improve in your life?

It’s your life – steer it on your own.

Matthew Finnigan

Matthew Finnigan

Matthew Finnighan is a professional content writer at WriteMyEssayOnline. He aims to supply quality and unique content on the basis of humans need. He is happy to share his experience in writing, education, and self-development in his publications. If you are interested in writing, If you are interested in writing, you can find Matthew on Twitter or Facebook.

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