Is the phrase ‘personal development’ clear to you?

If your answer is ‘Not really’, you’re not alone. On one hand, you say a lot with a statement like, “I’m into personal development,” because you’re saying that you’ve made a commitment to living more than a mediocre life. On the other hand, the phrase is pretty vague.

That’s why we decided to make a list of the 7 most common areas of personal development.

1. Your Spirit

How do you want to grow spiritually? Do you want to meditate more often? Would you like to have a deeper sense of purpose, participate more actively in your church, synagogue or spiritual community? Would you like to build your intuitive skills or simply trust the wisdom and guidance of your higher self?

Getting clear on your spiritual goals and what you plan to do to achieve them is foundational to overall personal development.

2. Your Creative Genius

What do you want to be, do and have in the realm of your creative self-expression?

Maybe you love painting, writing, dance or underwater basket-weaving. It doesn’t really matter what. What matters is developing your creative genius in ways that challenge and stretch you.

3. Your Relationships

Spouse, kids, parents, siblings, neighbors and close friends all come under the category of relationships.

How do you want these relationships to look? What do you value most about your friendships? Is there anything you want to have more or less of? What are your goals for love, friendship, and family relationships?

If you’re single:–what are the qualities of your ideal mate? What are the qualities you want to develop in order to draw that mate?

4. Your Money and Career

What are your career and money benchmarks for the year? Do you have financial goals for 3, 5 and 10 years? If so, what steps do you plan to reach these goals?

These are the kind of questions you want to ask yourself when it comes to financial personal development.

5. Your Fitness and Health

Have you thought about your diet and exercise habits lately? Are there areas where you can improve them? Is there a sport you’ve always wanted to learn? Are you ready to give up potato chips or smoking?

Come up with a list of 3, 6 and 12-month goals for your fitness and health development.

6. Your Stuff

Maybe there are things you want to have; a home, a new car, better furnishings, an upgraded computer. You can take a little time each day to imagine enjoying the overall improvement in your life as if the thing or stuff is already there.

7. Your Community

This area of personal development has to do with your give-back goals. It could be giving back to your local or global community.

Personal development goals for your community can include all sorts of things from donating time, money, stuff or knowledge.

Your Turn!

We want to know what your top 2 areas of personal development are this year. Maybe it’s your health and fitness. Maybe relations, money or stuff. Leave a comment below and let us know what’s most important to you.

AND… We know there are more than 7 areas of personal development, so if we missed one of your favorites, leave a comment and let us know.

Deanna Romano

Deanna Romano

Deanna is a writer for FinerMinds and a traveller of the world. She makes any place home with her wonderful charm, her keen interest in local heritage and, of course, her Aussie ways.


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