Last week we discussed a topic that has probably left many of us fascinated and curious: have our souls been reincarnated, and if so, who were we in a past life? To continue on with our past life series, this week we’re looking into past-life regression to learn more about our past lives, and how it can be used to get rid of fears or negative emotions we may be harboring as a result of a previous life.

If our existence today is the sum of many lives we’ve had before, how can we find out more about who we were and what we did in our previous lives?

Were we happily married and model citizens, or do we have some dark past that has been colorfully reenacted in history books all over the world? It’s fascinating to imagine who we were and whether any of our traits from our past lives have been carried into this life.

For example, if we have any irrational fears or phobias which cannot be explained, could it be that we experienced something traumatic in a previous life that is associated with this fear? Or when we refer to someone as having a “wise soul” could it be because in fact they are just that, and that they’re coming to the end of samsara (the Buddhist reincarnation cycle) before they reach the afterlife?

This is where past-life regression can be used. Past-life regression is a journey through meditation and hypnosis to help find the root cause of your problem – one that may be holding you back in this life.

What Is Past-Life Regression?

Past-life regression therapy enters you into a state of hypnosis where you’re prompted to recall your memories from your past lives. The images and experience can be very vivid and often intense, particularly if you’re revisiting a particularly emotional experience.

There are many case studies that suggest people have benefitted from past-life regression, however to get a better understanding of how it can be used to get to the root of phobias or problems, we asked Burt Goldman, world renowned meditation master, spiritual coach and author of Quantum Jumping:

“Past-life regression is a means of solving problems, in many instances, seemingly unsolvable ones. I have found past-life regression to be a genuine cure for what is the major source of many psychosomatic problems as well as virtually all other problems. There have been many troubles unraveled through past-life regressions that seemed to be irresolvable by any other means….the simple act of regression, when coupled with a strong intent will often trigger an instant elimination of a problem.”

Burt then went on to talk about one of the many successful cases he’s had where he’s used past-life regression to treat a patient’s fear of bridges:

“I was working with a woman who was afraid of bridges. She refused to drive over any of them and it was limiting her travel as the city she lived in was San Francisco where there are many bridges. I regressed her and she found herself in a forest. It seemed to have no relevance whatever to bridges but that is often the case. I just walked her through the scene which is basically all that is necessary and when she came out of the meditation trance she was no longer afraid of bridges.”

Throughout history there have also been high-profile cases where past-life regression has been used, the most famous of which would have to be that of Edgar Cayce, after he discovered his psychic healing abilities accidentally while in a hypnotic trance and jumped to a past life. After this experience, he helped diagnose over 2,500 people in the 1920s and ‘30s which earnt him the nickname of “America’s Sleeping Prophet.”

In a few weeks we’ll be publishing our third and final article on past lives, this time looking at whether your soul continually gets reincarnated, or whether at some point you do indeed transcend to the afterlife.

Have you experienced past-life regression yourself? Tell us what you used it for and how it worked for you below.


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