For thousands of years the moon has held humankind captive in a sort of awestruck feeling. I’m sure you’ve felt this before. Looking up at the moon, staring at it’s strange face, and wondering what’s up there and what’s going on Mr. Moon? For many people, the moon is a symbol of all that there is beyond our physical world and what we can perceive with our 5 senses. It represents magic, the power of nature, and the immense amount of unknown wisdom there is.

The New Moon From East To West

Cultures across time and space have revered the moon. The Islamic calendar starts each new month with the sighting of the first crescent moon. Many Hindus believe that if you’re to begin a new task, project, or intention, the new moon is the perfect time to start. In Chinese culture, the new moon represents a new month. Many Chinese Budhists will eat a vegetarian meal on the new moon and full moon of each month. In Pagan and Wiccan traditions, the new moon is often celebrated with divination and personal workings. When the moon wanes, it is a time of reflection and introspective thinking. When the moon waxes it is a time to receive what you have sowed. Once the new moon begins to wax (meaning it gets bigger), the start of receiving begins. This is the perfect time to start new things and is also a wonderful occasion to set forth your intentions and manifestations.

Setting Intentions For The New Moon

The few days preceding the new moon are the most powerful days to set your intentions. Then when the new moon hits and begins to wax, you can expect your energy and manifesting efforts to be magnified by the new moon. This is similar to planting a seed. So don’t expect instant results. Like a plant, the fruits may not come to bear until months down the line.

Write It Down

handwriting new moonIt’s not enough to simply think about what you desire. You have to turn that thought into physical evidence. On the day of the new moon, WRITE DOWN YOUR INTENTIONS. You may choose to do so in a special journal of yours or you may take a piece of paper and keep it safe. It’s important you handwrite it and not type it out. A virtual document isn’t quite the same as a handwritten intention.

The Moon Isn’t A Genie In A Bottle

Remember that you’re setting intentions. Not asking a genie for 3 wishes. This means that you have to put in some effort. Meditate, keep clear of negative thought, purify your mind and body, focus your energy on your intentions, day dream vividly about what would it feel, look, smell, and taste like if your intention came true. Look for the opportunities the Universe is throwing at you. Don’t sit idly by and think that what you want will just fall onto your lap the instant the moon goes dark.

Wishing vs Intending

When you wish for something to happen you’re accepting defeat. You’re saying to the Universe, “I can’t do this for myself so can you pretty please, with a cherry on top, do it for me?” Intending, on the other hand, implies that YOU are incredible, powerful, and have the ability to create your own reality. When you write down your intentions make sure to use verbs such as intend, plan to, am determined to, will, aim to. Don’t use verbs such as wish or hope.

Think À La Carte NOT Buffet

When setting your intentions focus on what you need most immediately and if you’re new to manifesting and new moon rituals, maybe start small. Wishing for world peace is probably not going to happen in a one-month cycle. Choose your intentions wisely. As a beginner, choose just 1 intention. Examples may include a new job, reconnecting with lost friends, creating a garden, finding inner bliss, or better financial status. If you start piling all your intentions onto a single new moon and end up with a never-ending wish list of wants, you can be assured that almost nothing will happen. If you have 100 things you want to manifest, your focus and energy will be split among all of them. But if you have 1, 2, or 3 things, your energy will be focused like a laser. So pick wisely from your menu of desires. Don’t overeat. You’ll just end up bloated.

Surround Yourself With Joy And Light

Keep yourself blissful, stress free, and happy in the coming days of the new moon. Should something negative happen to you, don’t worry though. That’s part of life. We all have our ups and downs, but don’t let it get to you. Acknowledge what has happened, find forgiveness if necessary, and then let it go. This would be a good time to indulge in activities that make you feel good, provided they’re positive. Meditate, journal, paint, read, take a picnic, go star gazing. Do things to bring that feeling of lightness into your heart.

Enjoy The Feminine Energy Of The Moon

The moon is a more feminine energy, which is perfect when beginning new projects. Those who fully harness this energy can heighten their intuition, get in touch with their true purpose, let their emotions come out, and self-express. If you’re a guy, don’t be turned off. Within each of us is yin and yang, light and dark, feminine and masculine energy. This is a perfect time for you to bond with the more feminine aspects of yourself. For many men, this is a source of untapped energy and creativity.

Simple 5-Step New Moon Ritual

There are so many different new moon rituals out there, which is awesome because this means you have a wonderful plethora of choice. Some involve choosing the right colors, candles, and incense while others involve deep meditation. Do what feels right for you. If you’re looking for something more simple, here’s a new moon ritual we suggest.

  1. A few days before the new moon, keep your body and mind pure. This means no negative thinking, drop the gossiping, eat right (avoid fast food), and continue with whatever spiritual or personal growth practices you’re doing. This could be meditation, creative visualization, or reading. During this time think about what you truly want to manifest.
  2. On the day of the new moon, go outside where you are physically connected to nature. The moon after all is an element of nature. If possible, find a place near water and light a candle. This way you’ll be surrounded by all four elements: fire, water, air, and earth.
  3. Sitting in a quiet spot, relax yourself by focusing on your breath or doing a short meditation.
  4. Once you feel sufficiently relaxed, take out your journal or a piece of paper and handwrite your intentions. Don’t feel silly if you’ve put down smaller intentions, such as, “I intend to make my orchid bloom.”
  5. After you finish you may recite your intentions followed by an affirmation such as, “I will receive the things that I have intended.”

New Moon Schedule 2011

The times quoted in Universal Time (roughly equivalent to Greenwich Mean Time).

March 4, 20:46
April 3, 14:32
May 3, 06:51
June 1, 21:03
July 1, 08:54
July 30, 18:40
August 29, 03:04
September 27, 11:09
October 26, 19:56
November 25, 06:10
December 24, 18:06

The next new moon is scheduled for March 4th. The FinerMinds team will be looking for more great content to share with you, but until then drop us a comment and tell us what your intentions for the coming month are.

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