Creative thinking is very critical especially because creative thinkers grow to be successful entrepreneurs, attorneys, innovators, and inventors. Researchers from My Paper Writer admit that in 1990 the symptoms of a creativity crisis started showing and the consequences could have been dire if interventions were not developed in time. The solutions improved creativity among children.

In the early days, children were always curious and eager with many ‘why’ questions all the time. Simple questions such as why the sky is blue was a sign that they are thinking long and hard.

As a writer, you rely on creativity to come up with good pieces of written content. Creativity crisis is experienced when a writer feels stumped. Most people think of creativity in artistic professions such as poets, musicians, and poets. Creativity is needed in most areas in life, including simple activities such as preparing meals in the kitchen.

Tips on how to overcome the creativity crisis

1. Admit you are stuck

Getting stuck can happen to anybody at any time, but the most important thing is recognizing the symptoms early. If you find yourself busy with other irrelevant things when you have a major project, it means you are stuck. If you are asked for a solution to a problem and you remain silent means you are stuck. Motivate yourself and avoid panicking at all costs.

2. Shift your approach

Phrases like ‘that’s how it’s always done’ should not be your vocabulary. True, some things need to be done in the same way, but if you find yourself thinking this way it is a definite red flag.

If you are experiencing a crisis take time to analyze the situation. Identify the problem, brainstorm possibilities, set goals, and then assess the different alternatives you have. You will be surprised at how you develop different approaches to the same problem.

3. Shift your environment

Did you know changing your environment could change your perspective? Changing your physical location is very important works like magic. Try walking, moving from the office to the coffee shop and you never know what will come to you sub-consciously. This is why most creative writers have pens and papers in the car, in the bedroom, offices and in their pockets because of the Aha! moment strikes at any time.

4. Avoid working close to deadlines; they kill creativity

When you work close to a deadline, you have less time to brainstorm on the different answers, you tend to pick any thought that comes your way.

Most of the time there is a need to let the problem soak so that different solutions can bubble up, then analyze the best ones. Always give yourself enough time to creatively think of solutions.

5. Develop a creative habit

A study of successful innovators and corporate heads showed that they have an extraordinary creative muscle. They make it a habit to constantly come up with ideas. These creative habits are turned to routines with techniques on how to constantly come up with ideas throughout the day.

Think of a manager who needs to always make decisions with no clear written guidelines on some issues. You can develop the same kind of muscle even if you are not a manager.

6. Work on one task at a time

Research shows that multitasking produces sub-standard work due to distractions. Most of the time working on one task at a time means concentration on one task and giving it the best you can. It is easy to be creative when your energy is focused on one task rather than paying attention to several tasks and end up performing poorly due to scattered mental force.

7. Avoid time wasters

Avoid distractions from gadgets and devices when you are on the creative path. Most of these distract your mind and take up most of your time when you should be busy engaging your mind to be creative. Disengaging from devices for some time is very important.

Creativity crisis causes moments of non-productivity, which shouldn’t scare you. There are many ways to unstick yourself from a creativity crisis. Most importantly, find ways to always inspire yourself with new ideas. Always dream big and let your mind run wild.

Sebastian Miller

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