Mending the physical body isn’t enough to enact change into every spectrum of your life.

You have the potential to raise your vibrational frequency to assume the mantle of yourself you were destined to fulfill when your mind is set to purpose. But with life’s many influxes of stress, anxieties, and general matters in need of tending, it can be difficult to keep our spirituality in toe at every step. (And sometimes, that’s when we need it most.)

Understanding vibrational medicine is critical to help enact the change in your life you wish to see. You are the instrument of manifestation. Working with crystals and minerals will help strengthen your connection with the universal energies around you, bringing to fruition the path to self-actualization.

Self-actualization is the key to unending success, personal joy, and the attainment of potential. We tend to fall further and further way from attaining it the more we become disjointed from what our soul needs to thrive, and what our physical, mortal realm demands.

Here are the top three secrets of vibrational medicine that will help you achieve exactly what you want, while inviting benevolent energy into your life.

1. You can take action to change your moods

The theory behind vibrational crystal healing is that crystals and minerals help to align our own vibrational fields to attract certain properties into our lives, like augmented intuition, happiness, luck, or energy — to name a few.

Learning the ins and outs of the many properties of crystals and minerals can transform your environment by simply introducing them into your immediate atmosphere. When you work directly with a crystal, you are forming a bond that will elucidate your position in life.

Working with varied crystals depending on their persuasion will help alter your moods dramatically when you need a pick me up, or font of clarity. If you are in the drought of self-odium, try rose quartz; if you are in need of stability and finding your life’s purpose, Red & Brecciated Jasper; Amethyst for mental calm; Citrine or Carnelian for energy.

There are innumerable crystals which can influence your mood and remind you that you are in control of your immediate actions and ultimate destiny.

Crystals for happiness:

Rose Quartz

Crystals for intuition:

Lapis Lazuli

Crystals for Mental Grounding:

Smoky Quartz
Black Tourmaline

3 Secrets To Vibrational Crystal Healing

2. You can raise your vibrational energy and awareness

If you’re yearning to experience more in life than the trivial mundane day-to-day, you may enter higher planes of awareness by working with crystals emanating augmented vibrations. Aligning your chakra centers is imperative to reap the benefits of raising your own vibrational frequency.

If you feel as if something is missing from your life, or that you are not thoroughly fulfilled, connecting with higher frequency vibrations can help bring the clarity and fullness you seek.

High vibrational crystals include:

Herkimer Diamonds

3. You can open yourself up to catalyze life-altering decisions

Akin to crystals empowering you to raise your own electromagnetic frequency, you may wield crystals to help you progress in life and harness your potential to speed your life’s journey onto the planes it is destined to go. Although we have the power to shape our destinies, we must strive each day to bring ourselves closer to our ultimate objectives.

If you are plagued with indecision or stagnation, utilize crystals to help spur you to purpose. Crystals introduce transformative energies into our lives and create movement where we have settled for complacency.

Vibrational medicine remedies the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies so we may develop into the extent of our potential.

If you feel you are blocked creatively, or otherwise, entreating crystal beings is one way to help encourage the expanse of your life to progress.



Jessica Rae Pulver-Adell

JessicaRae Pulver-Adell is a full time blogger and writer covering mental health, addiction, and recovery for Harbor Village. She is finalizing her first book entitled Holistic Healing for Drug and Alcohol Addiction, and is looking for feedback! Email her for more information.