Jerry Bruton

I experienced the miracle of the "seed and soil" having grown up in the farmlands of Texas. My first sales business was selling flower seeds door to door at 8 years of age. I have owned several businesses and constantly use motivational resources to continually "sharpen the saw". Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is my favorite treatise on personal development along with Raymond Holliwell's Working With the Law. See more at:

Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich based on the simplicity of accessing the subconscious mind through commitment of desire, enthusiasm, faith, and gratitude. There is a process of planting positive seeds of expectation into the sub-conscious mind. One can truly “think and grow” by simply documenting one’s intentions into a personal journal each new sunrise, affirming the statement to the universe, and visualizing its manifestation with the inner eye. Key #1 An Affirmation is a…