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Do you know Destiny’s will for your life? It’s simple.

Destiny’s will for your life is that you prosper in every way and that your body keeps well, even as your soul keeps well and prospers.

What does it mean to prosper? It means being successful in every endeavor of life. It’s having success.

So then, Destiny desires for you to experience success in every way, including your health, even as your soul keeps well and prospers. Your success, then, in any area of life is going to be based on your soul’s success.

What is your soul?

Many confuse their soul for their spirit, or they think that the two are interchangeable. They’re not.

You are a spirit, you possess a soul, and you live in a physical body. This is often referred to as the tri-part being of an individual.

Your soul is the part of you where thinking takes place. It’s your place of emotion and reason. It absorbs information from your five senses and crafts your thoughts accordingly.

In turn, these thoughts inform your heart, which serves to craft your emotions and govern most other areas of your life.

Were you able to follow that? Inside your soul is your process of thought which affects every single area of your life.

Similarly, the words we speak determine the way we think and the way we think determines the way we feel. If we feel depressed, then we’ve probably been cultivating thoughts of heaviness and depression through the words we’ve spoken. We can usually trace our emotions back to the thoughts we’ve cultivated and the words we’ve spoken.

Now, why does any of this matter? It matters because the way we think sets the course for our entire life. So, it’s worth asking ourselves, “What am I thinking about? And, how long have I been thinking about it?” The thoughts we dwell on are the thoughts we grow. The things we focus on are the things we strengthen in our life.

If you focus on your past failures, your weaknesses, or your shortcomings then you’re going to grow those things in your life and, consequently, hinder your present success. As a result, your present circumstances will begin to look strikingly similar to past failures, and you’ll begin to question your capacity for success. You’ll ask questions like, “Do I have what it takes?” And some of you will conclude, “No, I don’t have what it takes to succeed. Once again I’ve tried and failed. I give up.”

It’s important to know that we have an ally and an advocate in Destiny because sometimes we need help believing in ourselves.

Wrong thinking will lead to wrong living. If we don’t get our thoughts right about who we are, the potential we carry, and the success we’re destined for then we won’t see the manifestation of these things in our life.

Conversely, if we elect to speak according to Destiny’s will for our life, then we will see the manifestation of the success and prosperity authored for us.

The truth is, you’re destined for great joy and success. Irrespective of your age, irrespective of your story, it is your destiny to prosper.

The strongest force in existence is the human will. Every day we have the choice to align our will with the will of Destiny for our life or the appearance of circumstances through the thoughts we keep and the words we speak.

Destiny says you were born to succeed. You were born to prosper. Will you cultivate thoughts and visions of your success, or will you dwell on thoughts of past failures? Will you speak of your inherent potential and unique capabilities or will you speak of disappointments.

For the next seven days, let’s commit to only speak well of ourselves and of our life. Before our feet hit the floor each morning, let’s speak five affirmations aloud over ourselves. And, as negative thoughts surface throughout the day, let’s refuse to give them a voice. After seven days, I suspect we’ll see greater evidence of the good success for which we’re destined.