Manifesting your destiny will be almost impossible, until you stoptrying to figure out how to.

Sounds a little crazy, I know, but hear me out.

When you really want something or want to know something, what are your thoughts about it? What are your feelings about it? Do you long for it? Do you notice its absence? Do you try to figure out HOW to get it? If you do, I can tell you for sure that your NOT going to get it.

A lot of people know about the Law of Attraction and manifesting destiny, but many seem convinced that it only works sometimes, for some people. This just isn’t true. The thing is, manifesting destiny or your desires isn’t only about intending what you want or thinking happy thoughts it. Manifesting destiny is also about letting go.

Vibrationally Stuck

We’ve been taught that when we want something, we’re also responsible for figuring out how to get it (or create it, or get rid of it). And this is where we get stuck. Logically, it makes sense to make a plan and try to figure HOW to go about achieving our desire.

But vibrationally, it doesn’t.

Since everything (including our physical bodies, our feelings and our thoughts) is vibration at its essence, what we think about most often vibrates out into the universe, drawing to us what resonates with those vibrations. So if you’re thinking about the question: “How can I get it? How can I get it?” your vibrating “I don’t have it yet, I don’t have it yet.” And if you’re vibrating “I don’t have it yet,” what resonates with that is more of the same – not having it.

Missing Something?

This is also true when you frequently notice that what you want is missing, or when you long for something. In fact, the more emotionally charged a thought is, the more powerful its vibration. So if you want a new car and every time you get into your old car you feel frustration, anger or disappointment that you can’t seem to manifest something better, you’re vibrating the absence of something better.

Then, when you set your mind to trying to figure out HOW to get that new car (get a second job so I can pay for it; maybe uncle Joe will sell me one for cheap from his dealership; if I talk to my boss about an advance) you make it worse. You push that car farther and farther away.

So How Do You Go About Manifesting Destiny?

It’s simple, really – but thanks to years of thinking in certain ways – for a lot of us, it’s not easy. Here are 3 steps:

  1. Ask for or intend what you want.
  2. Forget about it!
  3. Get it.

No problem with number 1 and number 3, right? It’s that ‘forget about it’ business that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Let’s break it down.

After you’re clear about what you want (or don’t want), refocus your attention on other things. But not just any other things – things that make you feel good. Now, if you want that car, you don’t refocus on nice cars because you’ll probably just end up vibrating “Where is it? I don’t have it. I want it!” Instead, focus on anything that makes you feel good – the cat, the dog, the dinner you’re planning, your new shoes – anything that makes you feel good when you think about it. Do this as often as you can.

Stop Thinking!

Every time you catch yourself thinking about the absence of the car you want, (or the faults with your old car), or even the fact that your life purpose hasn’t knocked on your front door yet, stop immediately and look around for something else that makes you feel good.

When you get good at feeling good, then you can start to “act as if”. You can give yourself a few minutes every day acting as if you already have what you’ve asked for and feeling appreciation and happiness for it.

Forget About It

The better you get at forgetting about what you want – and letting go of the HOW you’re going to get it – the quicker it will come. Manifesting destiny is really not that hard if you are able to let go of your worries, and refocus your energy on knowing that it will come. Try it and see!

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FinerMinds Team

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