Religion and relationships. That almost seems as taboo of topic to discuss as sex and relationships.

The reality is that religion can play an important part in who we are. It can also play a role in how we relate to the world around us.

Should it carry over in our relationships?

About 77% of Americans identify with being a member of a religion, while 23% consider themselves agnostic, atheist, or unaffiliated.

How does that play a role in relationships? Is it important to have religious compatibility in relationships?

Read on to explore this topic and learn how you can navigate the topic when it comes to dating.

How Important Is Your Faith?

For many people, faith plays a vital role in their lives. Without their faith, they would feel lost. For others, they go through the day and don’t think about faith. They could consider themselves to be “spiritual, but not religious.”

There is no right or wrong answer; there’s only what’s right for the individual. If your faith is important to you, how does that play out in your daily life?

Do you get up and pray or meditate every morning? Do you attend mass or services every Sunday? How do you observe traditional days of observance like Ash Wednesday or Yom Kippur?

These are questions that you need to answer for yourself because it will help you determine how important faith is in your life. It will also help guide you in deciding whether or not you want a partner who shares your faith.

Shared Interests

If you ask successful couples the secret to their relationship is, you’ll get a ton of different answers. Some will swear by having shared interests, while others tout individuality. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

If your religion is important to you, is it essential for your partner to share your faith so you can experience events at your church together?

Where to Meet People Who Share Your Faith

If you decide that religion and relationships are important and you have to have a partner who shares your faith, where do you go to find that person?

You can start with your church. You can meet people for relationships and fellowship. It’s important to remember that you need to keep an open mind and an open heart.

People will come into your life for a reason. They may stick around, or they may teach you a valuable lesson and move on.

Don’t be afraid to look online for a partner, either. There are plenty of faith-based sites whether you’re non-affiliated, Jewish, Christian, or Catholic online looking for love.

Religion and Relationships: It Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

When it comes to religion and relationships, things can get complex. They can be very simple, though. You have to have the self-awareness to know what you want from a partner and yourself.

Additionally, You need to decide how important your faith is to you and whether or not it’s important to share your faith with your partner. You can do that regardless of someone else’s faith.

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