Do you want to learn how to create a successful relationship? Yes, obviously. Imagine what it would be in your eighties and still having your significant other by your side. You dream of it, don’t you?

Studies show that people who are genuinely happy in a relationship tend to spend more time and energy on self-development. They want to attract love; this is the main reason for self-improving their image.

So, instead of playing games with your partner to entice them, why not focus on what is discussed below.

What’s Preventing You from Finding Love?

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Wouldn’t it be great if you found true love? But, you have to admit that life as a single person has many rewards. For instance, you are free to pursue hobbies and other interests. It’s all about enjoying your own company. However, when you are tired of the quiet moment of solitude, then it’s time to share your life with someone else.

But wait, there’s more. You freeze in your tracks because of your emotional baggage. Perhaps you grew up in a household with no emotional role model. Hence, you are finding it hard to form a stable, healthy relationship. Or maybe, you are questioning whether such a thing exists. Does this sound familiar? You could be either attracting the wrong person or just making the same mistakes. Whatever the case, the only way to overcome these obstacles is to get yourself fit for a healthy romantic relationship. How do you do this? By self-development.

How to self-improve your image to attract love?

Would you stay in a relationship with someone who you are not attracted to, or who mistreats you? Didn’t think so. So, what should you do to attract love?

1. Evaluate yourself

First, you’ll need to evaluate yourself. You wouldn’t want to enter into a romantic relationship in an emotionally dependent state. Why is this harmful? Well, you may give yourself unrealistic expectations that the other person will automatically meet your needs; both sexually and emotionally. Question: have you ever entered into a relationship with high-expectation and everything worked out? Didn’t think so.

Ensure that you regularly communicate with your partner about your emotional and sexual state. It is impossible for others to perceive you emotionally and sexually intuitively. For a relationship to be successful, you need to evaluate your emotional reactions to people and events.

2. Believe in What Your Partner Tells and Shows about Themselves

When you are attracted to a particular individual, you’ll find yourself rationalizing their poor behavior. Collect data on your partner.

For instance, when they treat you unfairly or violently, or maybe you try to talk to your partner, but they dismiss you or rationalizes mistreating you, take note of this. Believe what people communicate about themselves. If they act immaturely or disrespectful, then it’s probably time to move on. Since it’s not your job to show your partner a better way, work on growing yourself as a person.

3. Avoid Sextimacy

Can I be frank with you? A relationship based on sex alone does not make room for emotional intimacy. It just can’t happen. Sextimacy is defined as a cycle of working towards achieving emotional intimacy through hastened sex.

Research shows that starting a relationship with sex instead of emotions lead to unions based on non-commitment. Most people end up wasting their time waiting for a partner to step up or change. On the contrary, you should take the time and use it to grow as a person, then find someone to build a successful relationship.

4. Separate yourself psychologically from your parents

Deep down, you knew this was coming. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean that you are separated from your parents psychologically. By allowing your parents to meet your emotional needs, all they are doing is siphoning some of the energy, which could have been redirected to creating romantic attachments to your partner.

Always work to be independent of your parents. So, while you spend time with them, or share with them, don’t allow them to give their opinions to you excessively, or guidance. You will not be a whole person if your parents control how you make your own decisions. Take control of your own life.

5. Place Yourself Up For New Experiences

Fact: Self- improvement alone will not help you build a successful relationship.

Most women make this mistake and end up placing themselves in arbitrary exile. Don’t let yourself to lose the meaning of the concept in the name of working on yourself. Improve yourself by enriching your emotional and sexual awareness by engaging in new relationships. Each experience is an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

In Conclusion

Life isn’t a fairytale, so don’t expect it to be one. Think about what you want in a relationship and work on yourself to attract love. Be proud of your relationship and never forget how you can come across each other. Lastly, remember to be open to any potential matches and open to life itself. So, get out of your dating comfort zone and find someone to share life experiences.

Lori Wade

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