Writing love letters isn’t a lost art form. In fact, I believe it’s as important and as meaningful now that it ever has been. Consider the digital world we live in. Everything is written in pixels, black and white and viewed on a screen, send across nations and through satellites to reach its recipient. Instead, taking the time to sit down, turn off your digital devices and write a letter from your heart is compelling in itself.

If, for whatever reason, you’ve decided to sit down and write a letter, the most common thought is ‘well, I don’t know how to write a love letter!’ Don’t worry. Today, we’ll explore eight tips you need know to set you off on the right track.

1. Putting Pen to Paper

Easily the hardest part of writing is writing the first sentence word. You may be thinking about writing all day, and when it comes down to it, your mind goes blank. If this is the case, here’s one easy technique to get you started. Adopt the Past, Present, Future approach. This means you start by writing about the past (how you met, your first couple of meetups), the present, what your SO brings to your life on a day to day basis and finally, end on how you envision your future together.

2. There’s No Set Guidelines for a Letter

When it comes to writing a love letter, there’s no proven or tried and tested way. This is because love letters are personal and it solely depends on the kind of relationship that you two have. If you’re writing a love letter and you don’t feel like the letter feels like a love letter, don’t worry, it still is.

Michael L. Smith, a formatting expert for Ox Essays, states;

“Many written documents in this world have a set of rules to follow. Books have chapters; stories have progression, emails have formats. However, when it comes to writing a love letter, you are completely free to express yourself how you please.”

3. Private Messages

Writing a love letter doesn’t actually mean that you have to give the other person the letter. You may want to practice first or write a few copies before you pluck up the courage to give it to them. This relieves so much pressure as you can write your first draft for your eyes only, giving you complete freedom in what you write, without the risk of being judged or hurt, one of the most common fears of sending a love letter.

4. Including Personal Details

For your recipient, the personal details will be the highlights of reading the letter. Only you know your other-half as you do so make sure the letter you write will obviously come from you. Try to include memories that only you two share, private ‘in’ jokes and any other details that you know will make them smile.

Darren F. Kites, a writer for Elite Assignment Help, explains;

“I usually find it very strange when I receive an order to write a love letter. I mean, I can write the foundation of one, but a real love letter comes from the heart of the person writing it. Including memories and intimate details is the best way to communicate to your loved ones.”

5. Ensure It’s Readable

I’m not saying that your first letter is going to be awful to read, but there are ways you can write sentences and improve your work, so it has more of an impact. You wouldn’t want to read a letter yourself that’s filled with typos and errors. Even if the message is clear, reading the actual letter in itself would be a challenge. Proofread your work once you have completed the first draft and you’ll soon notice errors. This also gives you the chance to re-read your work.

If you have doubts in your proofreading skills, or would like to improve your proofreading skills, you can upload your letter to proofreading sites, such as Big Assignments, State of Writing, or Best Assignment Writers, for feedback on how to improve your techniques.

6. Use a Format You’re Enjoy

When I started writing, I don’t think I had picked up a pen in years unless it was to sign a contract or the back of a bank card. Despite my introduction, writing a digital letter to your loved one is okay, and there’s no pressure to write by hand. Some will argue that handwritten letters have more meaning but these letters can get lost, damaged or even destroyed. Additionally, if your handwriting is terrible, it may pay to write using a computer.

7. Length is Not Important

In theory, you could write a compelling love letter that’s only two sentences long. On the other hand, you could write one that’s thousands of words long. It’s really up to you. Of course, you must consider that the other person has to sit and read through the letter, and you don’t want to keep repeating yourself in your text, but don’t worry so much about whether it’s too short or too long.

For some examples of what love letters can look like, regardless of their length, head over to Via Writing and UK Top Writers, two websites that have a catalogue of love letters for you to look at.

8. The Element of Surprise

A love letter is always going to be a powerful document, no matter when it’s given to your recipient. However, days set aside for special times such as Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day and other significant days are, not so much cliché, but expected. However, handing your loved one a letter during a random time of the week can surprise them as it’s not expected, allowing your message, once again, to have more impact and meaning.

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