If you have a woman by your side that always see life as half full instead of half empty, you have a keeper. Maybe you think she is too happy and confident all the time. While this can be annoying to some people, it is an excellent skill to be able to see the good in situations.

Negative people are not good for your health or your life in the long run, and you do not want to be dealing with that kind of stress. Relationships should make you feel happy and bring positivity to your life, not pressure, anger and negativity.

It has been proven in research that negativity can increase your heart rate, mess up concentration and our digestive system. So it just goes to show that you should surround yourself with positive people.

There are 12 certain qualities that if a woman has, you should never let her go.

1.  Smarter Than You

Scientists all over the world have been trying to figure out the intricate things we all deal with in life like relationships and love. They have spent massive amounts of time and effort trying to figure out how people interact and go together like puzzle pieces and what makes qualities need to be in a relationship to make a healthy and lasting relationship.

When you are looking for a soul mate or a “partner-in-crime” as some people say, make sure that she has brains not just beauty. Ideally, the women should be smarter than you. An intelligent woman can help you avoid getting dementia.

Having a partner who never stops challenging you and keeps you on toes also helps you keep your mental health in check.

2. Honest

This is a rare quality that people can have nowadays. Many people are not honest because they are insecure. They also want to be portrayed as good people, so sometimes they lie.

The quality of honesty is gold, and if your woman has this special quality, you need to consider how to make her stay.

3. Positive Outlook

A woman who has a positive mind is always great. She can encourage being a better and more positive person. You can see a woman with positivity through the ideas she shares with you.

4. Compromising

It is worth noting that a relationship is always good if it runs well. However, let us face the fact that any kind of relationship has ups and downs.

When it is on the negative spectrum, it is important to be committed to the relationship. A woman who can survive this occurrence without blaming others is a Goddess.

5. Laughing at Your Jokes

Men need a woman who laughs at his jokes. Research backs this up, indicating that the woman is a good match because she understands what the man says.  It is the basis of a healthy relationship, and that is why this quality is super important.

6. Open Heart

Women who can share their ideas and feelings are more attractive to men. This creates trust in their relationship.

Privacy is very important in relationship and women rarely share private information unless she is willing to do so.

7. Supportive

The woman who you should pursue is someone who can support you in any condition. Additionally, she keeps developing herself for something better. This is an ideal combo to keep yourself sane and intelligent.

8. Having Good Relationship with Parents

This is a crucial quality because it shows how much respect and responsibility that the woman has.

9. Knows the Value of Money

Spending a lot of money is one of the most significant roots of problems, quarrels, and resentment in a long-term relationship. A valuable partner knows the value of money and tends to save and spend less on a daily basis.

10. Kind

This is a necessary quality and may be what attracted you to her from the very first place.

However, there are some exceptional levels of kindness that make it necessary to seek to keep the woman close to you. It is a kindness for those in desperate needs.

11. Calm

Behind a great man, there is always a great woman. A girl may be emotionally erratic, but a strong woman can control her emotions. This allows a relationship to run smoothly because fights can be avoided or resolved quickly.

12. Accepting Your Flaws

A valuable person that you should consider holding for the rest of your life is someone who accepts your weaknesses. She understands that not all humans are created equal with perfection. She also realizes that imperfection can be turned into something beneficial and awesome.

If you finally find a woman that has those qualities, then you should never let this partner go.

Remember always to value your lady. Honor your relationship by giving precious gifts from time to time and making memories. Your life will improve significantly by having a relationship with her.

Kasey Rodriguez

Kasey Rodriguez

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