Patricia Young

Patricia Young is a Certified Life & Holistic Coach, Reiki Master and Founder of Inner Prosperity Academy. Her mission is to reunite her clients with their Authentic Self and help them align with their Life Purpose, supporting them in creating a more meaningful, joyful and peaceful life. A life filled with INNER PROSPERITY, so they can give their gifts and greatness to the world. You can download her free report here.

Creating the life you desire and deserve can be simple if you think of it as a recipe, in which the specific ingredients are mixed up in a particular order to get the desired result…

So all you need to do is follow a few simple steps that will bring you to the realization of your dreams and to claim your Bigger Life.

Some people tend to turn simple processes into complicated ones. Life can be complex, but there is a difference between complex and complicated. Most people want a complex life that includes a rich mix of professional, personal, social, cultural and entertainment events.

Complexity can be very satisfying since it’s part of the diversity and richness that life offers to us. But on the other side, there’s the possibility of choosing a complicated life, which means that we might feel stress, unbalance and confusion, making us ungrounded and unproductive when it comes to making decisions.

We all have the ability to create the life that we want, it’s our birthright to claim it. To enjoy the complexities of life, just focus on these small details that will make big differences:

1. Know what you really want and why 

You will not be able to have a better and bigger life if you don’t know what you really want. I mean what YOU really want, not what you want based on other people’s expectations, but based on your own desires.

Having clarity on what you really want and why you want it will open up the channel to unlimited possibilities and new opportunities. Your ‘Why’ will be the driving force and motivation you need to live the life you want. Once you have clarity, start setting clear goals and create a plan of inspired actions, but most of all, take action!

2. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the attitude! There is always a reason to be grateful for and being grateful towards life expands our consciousness and enables us to be in the present moment.

Choose to focus your attention on the things that are good with your life now. Whatever you focus your attention on, will re-produce, so don’t focus on what you think is wrong. Appreciating the beauty in little things, and being grateful for all the wonderful things you already have in your life, makes life easier and more pleasant, not only for you, but for the ones around you too.

3. Aim for Balance

Maintaining a balance in life is the key to be able to create, respond (note that I mentioned respond, not react), have success and flow with life. Achieve balance in all areas of your life including:

  • Taking care of yourself so you can enjoy good health and wellness.
  • Knowing yourself – know who you really are. Know that worthiness is your birthright and as a spiritual being, you’re whole and complete.
  • Being true to yourself – live from an authentic place, live and honor your own story.
  • Eliminating tolerations, distractions, frustrations and stressful situations from your life – set healthy boundaries and avoid complications.

4. Surround yourself with Positivity

Spend time with people that are happy, positive and optimistic. People that will make you laugh, that value your worth, appreciate you for who you really are and that inspire you. People that motivate you and inspire you.

Read or listen to something inspirational or motivational every day. Create your own inspirational ritual. Preferably in the morning, that way you start your day with a great boost of inspiration and motivation.

5. Be aware of your choices

Whatever you focus on will reproduce, so be aware of your thoughts. Choose to spend your time and energy in a productive way. Make your dreams the center of all your decisions.

Every time you choose in life, that choice is your evaluation of yourself. Every decision you make represents who you think you are, are it represents the value you put upon yourself. We ALWAYS have a choice in everything we do. And the results we get in life are based on those choices.

We are the gatekeepers of what goes on in our minds, and our lives. You’re the creator of your life, so make sure your choices bring positivity, growth, meaning and happiness to your life.

6. Live your Life with Purpose

We are all here with a unique purpose. It is as unique as a fingerprint. You can find what your purpose is from your spirit, not from your ego.

Honoring your calling is one of the most important actions successful people take. Not being in alignment with your Authentic Self and your Life Purpose will make you feel stuck, with a lack of joy and fulfillment in your life.

When you don’t reconnect with your True Self and life purpose, you feel that you are living your life on automatic, without meaning, fulfillment and excitement. This dissatisfaction will affect your relationships and your physical and emotional health, which could eventually lead to anxiety and depression.

7. Believe in Yourself

Self-confidence is one of the keys to happiness and success. It is a mental state that can be cultivated, it’s a conscious choice that you can make.

There is no one that has more power, more knowledge or more access to resources than anyone else, we’re all equal, and we all have the same opportunities. You create all your experiences. You will experience successes or pain and struggle thanks to you. Accepting this level of responsibility is powerful, because it really means that you can do, be or have anything you want.

Do you ever feel a longing for something more? As if you haven’t quite achieved your life purpose? Maybe you feel like you don’t belong in your job, even if you’re successful at it and make a good check every month. You know you should be grateful for that, and you may even have a voice inside of you saying, “Who do you think you are for wanting more? You should be happy with what…