My name is Brad Morris (AKA – BradiDude) and my life purpose is to live my life with purpose. Aside from long walks on the beach, I am passionate about having fun inspiring humans to step into their absolute fullest potential, as I step into my own. I call this Living my Cowabunga Life!

The word “Cowabunga” means an aspect greater than cool, or to put it simply, “Cooler than cool!” In this article, I’m going to give you three awesome ways that will help you create your own Cowabunga Life with more joy and smiles!
I tripple dog dare you to give this a shot…

1) How to wake up Happier…

We can gain so much positive momentum just from waking up happy and grateful in the morning. It’s challenging to recover when we start the day off in a grump. Remember, today IS a new day. It ain’t yesterday and you’re not in Kansas anymore (unless you’re actually in Kansas)!

If you’re not a morning person, I find it very helpful to have a pre-planned reason for getting out of bed first thing. Starting out the day connecting to Source and my purpose are what personally gets me up. If you begin with a beautiful meditation, yoga practice, walk in nature or reflection of gratitude before entering the hussle & bussle of life, it will have an absolute positive ripple into all of your interactions and activities throughout the day.

Happy Mornings Exercise:

Below is a meditation that will help you wake up happier. Give it a try and watch how the magic of an early morning practice re-creates your day from morning to night.

2) How to have more Fun…

There’s a kid inside each of us who wants to come out and play. Unfortunately most of us have grown up in a culture where it’s not cool to play when we reach a certain age. Over time we forget what it’s like to let loose and have fun in our everyday lives.

I say, poppy-cock to the suppression of silliness! Today is your day. Listen to the Wee Wise One Within. Ask yourself, “What will fulfill my inner child or Mini Me today?” Our happiness depends on us learning to balance our “adult responsibilities” with our child-like curiosity, innocence and joyful expression. If you hear that inner critic saying “NO!” every time the fun loving spirit inside you tries to come out and play, then it’s time to decide if you want the ol’ ego to continue running the show or NOT…

Fun-Loving Exercise:

I encourage you to listen to your inner child today. Do what he/she is wanting to do. If fear is what you feel, then CONGRATULATIONS you’re on the verge of that life-changing breakthrough you’ve been asking for! Despite all fear, doubt or worry GO PLAY! Life’s more fun when you’re having fun (It’s a scientifically proven fact).

Suggested Affirmation to Ease the Inner Critic:


3) Celebrate the Resistance…

If you’re feeling resistance to the above exercises OR to the thought of living your greatest Life, then celebrate it because that means you’re on the right track. Either you’re about to grow through a pattern, belief system or energetic block that no longer serves you OR you’re going to receive some much needed clarity that will help you move forward in the highest and best way.

The Listen, Love and Let it Go Exercise:

Our inner and outer worlds are mirrors of each other. If something’s not flowing in your outer world, then look inside for the WHY. In the meditation below you’ll be guided by your intuition to the points within your physical body where you hold energy that no longer serves your life. By listening to the voice of this energy with love, you’ll have the opportunity to let it go. This is a powerful process that becomes easier overtime as we improve our relationship and trust with our bodies and Self….Are you ready for this type of change?


Today’s a new day; this is a new moment. Wake up grateful to be alive. Choose to have more fun everyday. Change your attitude about the stuff that pisses you off OR let it go. Celebrate and explore the resistance when it surfaces, it is one of your greatest teachers! The choices you make today ripple into all of your tomorrow’s.

Stay super blessed and thank you for sharing this moment in time! Leave a comment below with your thoughts, feelings or experiences from any one of the meditations or exercises! Cowabunga Namaste!



Bradley Morris has a blast supporting people to live activated, mega-fulfilling lives. He’s launched multiple meditation eCourse that are supporting people in 20+ countries to create a daily connection practice they love, plus he's one of the top meditation contributors on Omvana. He also coaches conscious entrepreneurs to create and launch eCourses of their own, so they can free up more of their time, make a big contribution to the world and enjoy all the other stuff they love to do. He is an aspiring professional golfer, husband and world adventurer. He feels so blessed to have a human body and loves his “day job!” For more about him, check out