Spring is typically the time of year when people start to get outside and think more about the earth. It’s easier to think about the wellness of the planet when you’re enjoying beautiful spring blooms on nature walks or breathing in the fresh, warm air.

You may already practice sustainable living, such as using less electricity or biking to work instead of driving, but what can you do to help the earth?

That’s where a zero-waste lifestyle can come in handy. You’ll be going greener without even thinking about it, which is perfect for those who don’t have the time or money to make a major lifestyle change.

Check out some easy ways you can help the earth by practicing a. You can keep your regular routines because you can make a significant impact with just a few little changes.

See which ones might fit your life best and then try them out. You might find you enjoy the healthy changes you’ll make in your life just by trying to go green!

1. Recycle More Often

The need for people to recycle is so vital that advice to do just that is printed on everything from billboards to coffee cups. Recycling is essential because it keeps waste out of landfills and gives products another life.

It’s also been found to make people feel more positive about their life, as 75 percent of participants in a recent study reported. They found if they recycled daily, they no longer had “green guilt” to deal with, and instead felt happier.

This may not seem like a big deal, but guilt often leads people to stress more, and it’s important to keep your daily stress as low as possible. A separate 2017 study concluded increased stress levels can cause people to get sick. You’ll be making your body and the earth healthier at the same time just by tossing things like your soda cans in the recycling bin and not the trash can.

2. Bring Your Own Bags

Maybe there are some weeks where you just can’t make it down to your local recycling center. That’s OK! You can also help in ways that don’t require you to add something to your weekly schedule. Something as simple as bringing your cloth bags to the grocery store saves plastic bags from ending up in landfills and the ocean.

Because this is such a popular thing to do, you can even buy the bags at the grocery store, so you don’t have to use any from home. Bringing your own bags is one of the many ways to be green at the grocery store that doesn’t require any expensive purchases or extra time spent to try to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Bonus for those interested in sustainability — you can reuse those bags, so you don’t have to buy them continuously.

3. Skip the Online Shopping

One aspect of a sustainable lifestyle is to keep yourself from buying stuff you don’t really need. Every new product requires resources and energy to make, after all.

So next time you find yourself needing something, head over to your local thrift store to reuse what you can and save some cash. For those who think that would be a big adjustment for them, you can always read some green motivational quotes to get your head back in the game.

4. Simplify Your Life with Zero-Waste

A zero-waste lifestyle isn’t challenging to maintain and is even easy to start following. Like with everything in life, it all starts with baby steps. Try switching over to sustainability by using cloth bags at the grocery store or recycling more often.

You’ll find living with zero waste comes naturally, and you’ll love the mental and physical health benefits that go with it.

Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is the owner and editor of Productivity Theory, a blog about lifehacking and self-fulfillment. To read more posts by Kayla, you can subscribe to her blog or follow her on Twitter.