With Valentine’s Day approaching near, we all remember what it was like to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school. We all would make friendship cards for our friends or classmates, hoping that all of them remembered to write one for as well.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate love, and it should be celebrated as a day of companionship and kindness. Usually, there are some special Valentine’s Day activities in schools and in this post, we want to ease the stress for teachers and come up with new ideas to celebrate.

Teachers should greet this special day in their classrooms by partaking in Valentine-related classroom activities. Briefly, celebrating Valentine’s Day at school can be an exciting tradition but only if we follow some rules.

There are a few things teachers should keep in mind to make sure that Valentine’s Day remains a positive experience for all their students.

1. Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Every student in the class should receive Valentine’s Day greeting cards. To ensure this, teachers should create a list of names for all the students who give the cards to everyone in the class. Moreover, to achieve the real spirit and essence of Valentine’s Day, it is important that no one is excluded.

The tradition of giving Valentine’s Day greeting card to each other is one of the oldest, premier activities around the world. It’s perfectly applicable to the schools as well.


2. Random Acts of Kindness

Teach the real spirit of Valentine’s Day to your students in a very exciting form of a game called ‘random acts of kindnesses’ where students learn to behave nicely to others with random acts.

The idea is to surprise your classmate, friend or even a stranger by kind actions. The only objective is to make another person happy somehow;  these acts are not intended to be any grand gesture.

For instance, you can assist your friend with an assignment, admire the work of your school’s janitor, or just open a door for someone. Teachers can announce the random acts of kindness competition for their students and count who reaches the highest amount of kindness acts during Valentine’s Day.

3. Classic Game Activities

There are many classic Valentine’s Day activities and games that teachers may introduce in their classrooms. One popular game that can be played in the classroom to celebrate Valentine’s Day is assigning secret Valentines.

In this game, the teacher assigns a random partner for everyone. The task will be to somehow make everyone’s own secret valentine happy through cards or flowers. These kinds of activities will certainly help students to learn the traits of love and kindness.


4. Chocolates

Chocolates can evoke the real spirit of Valentine’s Day and create a  celebratory mood. Teachers may ask students to bring in chocolates to share with each other. This helps to create love and harmony among them.

Here, teachers can also focus on creativity and ask them to bring in granola bars or fruits dipped in chocolate. The presence of chocolates will make the celebration of Valentine’s Day even more fun and special for the students.

Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones

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