If you tend to get distracted while working, it might be a good idea to make some changes in your workplace. After all, everybody knows that your environment can influence your mood, motivation, and productivity.

So, if you happen to be working in a room that is cluttered, dark, or just boring, it’s not a surprise that you can’t focus. In this case, you should consider introducing some feng shui into your office; if you do it the right way, your office will make you feel much more inspired, productive, and energized. Here’s how you can that.

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1. Get Rid of Clutter

One of the most important steps in designing a feng shui office is decluttering the space. You probably already know that clutter can affect your focus and mood.

When your space is well organized, it’s much easier to be productive and find your way around

the office. It can also reduce stress and help you feel more relaxed while working. However, this doesn’t mean that you should have nothing on your desk and shelves, but you shouldn’t have more than you need.

When it comes to organization, come up with a system that works for you. Keep the things that you use a lot within arm’s reach, so you don’t have to pause your work and get up every five minutes. At the end of the day, you should make sure everything is clean and in its designated place.

2. Choose the Right Colors

In feng shui, colors are fundamental, as they can influence your mood and productivity levels. To decide on the right colors, you should do some research on the different effects of different colors, and you should know which colors correspond to which feng shui energy areas.

For example, pale green, soft yellow, blue-green, and pale gold are always suitable for a feng shui office. Adding some white will make the room appear more clear, which can help you focus more easily. Moreover, earth tones can make the office feel more stable and comfortable, but they don’t really stimulate the mind.

You can also go for the yin-yang theme, which is an excellent way to make your office appear both stylish and balanced.

3. Buy Quality Furniture

You can’t be productive if you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair, so make sure your furniture is of high quality. Your desk should be made of solid wood, and darker, so you can focus on your papers more easily. Or you can opt for something more modern, like an elegant height adjustable desk.

As for the chair, it should be ergonomically correct, with a higher back that will offer some extra support like black executive chairs with fixed arms so you will be comfortable, and won’t damage your spin on a long run.

Speaking of furniture, you should also pay attention to its positioning.

Your desk and chair should be in the so-called “command position.” This means that you should be facing the door while working, so you can see everything around you. There should also be a wall behind you so that you can feel more at ease.

4. Add Some Greenery

You should always be aware of the air quality in your office. Even research has shown that the indoor pollution is often much worse than the outdoor one. Therefore, introduce some greenery to purify the air and create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Choose plants that purify the air but look good as well. You should also open your windows whenever you can, depending on the weather, and add a couple of air purifiers for some extra freshness.

5. Spice it up with Art

image3You want to be surrounded by items and images that inspire you and boost your creativity. Therefore, consider installing some beautiful window treatments, hanging some pictures on the walls, and perhaps even installing a calming aquarium with colorful fish.

Your office should reflect what you want to achieve in life. So, if you’re aiming for success, surround yourself with motivational quotes, images, and similar decorative elements. If the thing that matters to you most is your family, feel free to decorate your office with family photos, drawings, and other things that remind you of your loved ones. After all, every object in your office will have an influence on you, so you probably want that influence to be positive.

6. Introduce Stress Relievers

You can keep your stress levels to a minimum by adding some stress relievers to your office.

For example, you can play calming music while you work, like the sounds of nature, or introduce some calming scents with scented candles.

Consider choosing furniture with round corners; if that’s not an option, keep the sharp corners away from the traffic areas. There should also be no sharp angles pointing towards you while you work, so you don’t feel like your positive energy is being “attacked.”

If you can see yourself losing motivation slowly, it might be a good time to redecorate your office with the principles of feng shui in mind. Keeping your office clean and organized will make it easier for you to focus on your work, it will improve your creativity, and it will make you feel much better overall.