In the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, often the only thing that can give us an escape from the daily stress is leaving everything behind, even if for a short while.

Traveling can provide you with a much-needed stress relief if you do it right. You will also gain memories of a lifetime no money can buy. With travel so widely available these days, we start to realize how big the world is and just how many beautiful places that are well worth seeing and experiencing first-hand.

This, however, also makes choosing your destination infinitely more difficult. If there is one thing that’s certain, we have to keep Mother Earth in mind too when indulging in our travels and make sure we are not doing any damage to the environment along the way.

To help you in this, here are some amazing eco-friendly destinations from all around the world. These 5 places will revive both your body and mind – all that’s left for you to do is pick away!

1. Thailand


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There is a multitude of reasons to visit the beautiful country of Thailand. It has incredible beaches, lush nature, picturesque rice fields and, last but not least, many yoga resorts that put mindfulness and well-being on top of their priority list.

Choosing a retreat nestled in the forests provides a kind of tranquility you wouldn’t think possible. Also, there are many eco-friendly accommodation options to choose from to reduce your footprint as much as possible.

Think about doing a full-fledged technology detox by putting your phone away (or at least on airplane mode), and interacting with the locals instead. It can make your travels much more mindful, and you will come back refreshed and well-rested!

2. Tasmania

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Another fantastic place where you can enjoy unspoiled nature and take in stunning sights is Tasmania.

Australia’s smallest state is the perfect natural getaway considering almost half of its area is protected region.  Impressive mountains, lush forests and beautiful seascapes await if you decide to go on a walking holiday and explore nature instead of concrete jungles.

Guided tours in Tasmania will ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the must-see sights such as the Three Capes, the beautiful Bay of Fires, or the Wineglass Bay and the Hazards Mountains on the Freycinet peninsula.

Hiking is always an excellent way to unwind and free your thoughts. Many pack-free options will make the entire experience more comfortable.

3. Costa Rica

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At this point, Costa Rica is synonymous with “eco-friendly destination,” and rightfully so. This beautiful, unspoiled land (out of which about a quarter is protected region) boasts vast rainforests and perhaps the most incredible biodiversity you will ever see.

You will easily find luxury retreats that have the green badge and make your relaxation experience even healthier by serving only organic food. Costa Rica also boasts a good number of animal rescue centers and wildlife sanctuaries. Animal lovers will have a hard time choosing to visit just one. However, make sure you don’t miss out on seeing cute animals such as sloths and help them if you can!

4. Japan


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If you want a genuinely spiritual experience infused with relaxation and all things Japan, consider visiting this unique country. You will be spoilt for choice as Japan offers a varying experience.

Visit some of the cities to get a taste of the people’s everyday life, or venture to the countryside for a more slow-paced experience.

How eco-friendly your vacation is depends on your own decisions, so you can also take your trip into the capital for some excitement. In fact, Tokyo is aiming to become the most eco-friendly city out there. You will have plenty of conscious options when it comes to both eating and activities.

Pure relaxation awaits you if you visit some of the renowned onsens (hot spring resorts) and unwind in the pleasant, hot water warmed by natural volcanic activity. It will certainly make you forget about the world back home.

5. Finland


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Finland is truly an eco-friendly getaway. It’s a country that prides itself in advocating renewable energy sources. In fact, it’s a top scorer in the Environmental Performance Index. Once you’re there, you simply won’t want to leave.

The tranquil sceneries of the countryside, the snowy views, and the friendly atmosphere will surely enchant you. Make sure you stay for a while and try some of the local activities. You can even go hiking, biking, dog-sledding, ice fishing or island hopping, to name a few of the many things you could do.

Finish off the day by catching sight of the Aurora or relaxing at an authentic sauna, and you will have even more energy the next day! Staying physically active while traveling is one of the cornerstones of staying healthy on the road. This destination provides plenty of opportunities to move your muscles. The “happiest country in the world” will surely make you happier too!

Combining such a pleasurable activity as traveling with mindfulness, relaxation, and consciousness of our environment is one of the best things you can do.

Breaking away from the gray workdays and spending some quality time in one of the destinations above will fill you up with energy and vigor. And it won’t even be at the expense of Mother Nature. Book your tickets now and start your next adventure!