During one of the most challenging times of my life, when I had very little money, I was sharing my son’s apartment and was working as a tarot card reader in a bookstore I created one of my most amazing miracles that led me to writing a book, introducing miracle coaching and teaching the process to thousands of others.

It was the end of the month and I was trying to figure out how to stretch my money to pay my bills. And I was tired, of being broke, of living in a cramped apartment, and of my life situation in general. I needed a vacation, so I asked for one. Nothing too fancy, I wanted to go to France, for two weeks, to a part of France I wasn’t familiar with and stay in nice places, eat great food and drink good wine. That’s not too much to ask when you’re broke, nearly homeless and barely employed, is it?

Two days later I received a surprise email from someone I hadn’t heard from in nearly two years and although I was tempted to delete it as junk mail, my little voice told me to read it, so I did.

And I’m glad I did. He owned a travel agency and needed a translator for a tour going to Normandy in August and wanted to know if I was available. He would pay my expenses, including all transportation, meals and hotel. And as a bonus, he paid me a per diem for translation work.

Was I available?

You bet I was. This was what I had asked for, with a bonus—he was paying me to go. Not only did I create a miracle vacation, I was going to be paid for taking it. How cool is that?

I had a fantastic time on my miracle trip and the last three days were spent in Paris, one of my favorite cities. Now this isn’t something that I did because I was special or gifted, there are five things I did to make this miracle possible and if you do this, you can create your own miraculous life.

1. Make yourself and what you want a priority. No one is going to create the life you want on your behalf and there is no luck or magic to the process. All you have to do is make yourself and what you want a priority. Why not ask for a trip to France (or your favorite destination) and a new job, house or whatever you want?

2. Ask for what you want and believe you can and will have it. Don’t follow your miracle wishes  with doubts about whether you deserve, can have it, is it too extravagant, what are other people going to say about it, etc. How many times do we ask for something and then second guess ourselves? Ask for what you want, all of it.

3. Don’t worry about the money part, miracles don’t take money. I didn’t get the money to go on the trip, I received the trip. When we worry about the money part, as in how we are going to pay for something or whether we can afford it, we limit the Universe’s ability to help us. Just ask for your miracle and remember that the Universe doesn’t use or need money.

4. Stay focused in the present. It doesn’t do any good to live in the past, which means remembering all of the bad times, mistakes, poor judgment or anything else that reminds you of what didn’t happen in your life before today. Your life is happening right now, in this moment. Where is the present moment? It’s the one in which you are breathing.

5. Believe in the abundance of a benevolent Universe. The Universe has unlimited abundance for you and really does want to meet your every need but if you don’t ask for what you want you won’t receive it because the Universe can’t create anything for us unless we first create the intention and we do that by asking. So ask for whatever you want, believe it’s yours and that you deserve it.

And once you do all of the above, pay attention to what happens. Answering that unexpected email was the key to my trip. So watch for signs that your miracles are happening because if you don’t you may miss the one thing that delivers exactly what you want to you and it may arrive in a way you didn’t expect or wrapped in a layer of extra blessings that make it truly miraculous.

Now go out and create your miraculous life.

Jennifer Hoffman is a celebrated intuitive, author, and Miracle Coaching founder who can help you unleash your mastery, create miracles and live a rich, happy and successful life. Since 2003 she has written the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter, with more than 2 million readers and hosts the popular weekly Enlightening Life radio show. Find out more about Jennifer at enlighteninglife.com