Bringing out the wizard in your kids

If your child had an exceptional memory, how would that improve their grades?

If their grades improved, how would that affect their self-esteem? If your child had sharper concentration skills, how would that affect their focus and attentiveness?

If they won a scholarship to college, how would that affect your wallet?

The fact is – “your child is a genius!”

It’s true!

There is a unique, living, breathing wizard within each of our kids.  As parents we simply need to learn how to bring it out of them.

I call this “enlightened parenting”.

Staying Ahead Of The Information Age

The fact is the information age is running rampant and out of control. The information age is no longer upon us; it has surpassed us! The moment you master a skill it becomes outdated. By the time your child graduates from high school, everything they had learned as a freshman will already be obsolete. Unlike the old days your child can’t master a trade and then let their mind go dormant.

Graduation may indicate the end of school, but not the end of learning. Truly, the most successful people on the planet will be those who remain teachable and are in a relentless learning mode. The wizard in your child needs to be trained to master the onslaught and never-ending flow of new information. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can sharpen your child’s concentration and memory and make life easier.

My Five-Step Learning Strategy

I want to share a special Five-Step Learning Strategy with you. I’ve used it for years with my two daughters with amazing results. Any parent can apply this by simply becoming familiar with the steps. I know you’ll find it very simple to utilize with your kids. If properly applied, it can improve their concentration, retention and grades.

I teach this strategy in all my kids in Trance Seminars and all of the parents are pretty impressed by it. However, allow me to state one of my strongest convictions: I firmly believe that once your child masters these basic or elementary steps; then they can develop them to more advanced levels and successfully tackle many of life’s issues. Remember, although the wizard is alive, it needs to be trained.

The Five-Step Hypnotherapy Learning Strategy

Step One

Have your child do their homework and studies following their normal routine without distractions.  Ensure there’s proper lighting and that you turn the TV and cell phone off!

Step Two

After their homework and studies are completed tell them that you are going to read or repeat the information back to them with their eyes closed. When your child closes their eyes, over 85% of outside distractions are eliminated and this boosts concentration.  When the eyes are closed the ears take over.

Step Three

Have your child find a comfortable, relaxed position.  Ask them to close their eyes, and then take three very slow, deep breaths.  Then slowly count backwards from 10 to 1 to help them relax even more.

Step Four

While their eyes are closed gently say to them, “I’m going to read your homework back to you.  You will understand it and be able to easily remember it anytime in the future especially when taking a test.”  Then slowly read the information back to them, occasionally telling them to “relax” and “take a deep breath.”

Step Five

After all the information has been read back to them with their eyes still closed, gently say, “You will easily understand and remember everything I’ve just read to you, especially when taking a test.”  It’s that simple – you’re finished!  Have them gently open their eyes and return to their day’s activities.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using this strategy for years with my own kids and have seen incredible results.  Gratefully, I receive many testimonial letters from parents across the country, and they report the same successes.  Remember, hypnosis is not only an amazing tool for improving grades, but the best part is there are no side effects (accept for a better memory!).

Please pass this article to other parents who need help improving their kid’s grades.  I invite everyone to try it and begin bringing out the wizard in your child today.

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John Eric is a practicing hypnotherapist, consultant and motivational speaker for almost three decades. His Kids in Trance Program is the only program of its kind effectively teaching parents how to use clinical hypnotherapy and auto-suggestion with their kids.