Have you considered trying yoga—but never gave it a shot, because “you didn’t have enough time”?

Or perhaps you thought that, because yoga has its roots in Hinduism, that you “must be religious” in order to practice this ancient art.

Well, unfortunately you’re wrong on both counts—yoga is for everyone!

The incredible rise of yoga has seen it become a cultural force, with the idea of ultra-toned, lycra-clad “yogis” both enticing and polarizing people. However, simple misunderstandings about who “should” be doing yoga shouldn’t stop you from practicing one of the most peaceful and invigorating forms of exercise.

Instead, take a look at this one-minute video, and discover why these three common myths about yoga shouldn’t stop you from doing your Downward Dog.

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The Zenward Team

The Zenward Team

Zenward is the perfect place to find all the information you need to learn yoga in a simple and intuitive way. We bring together some of the most passionate teachers, writers and yogis from around the world to guide you with grace through the transformational journey of yoga.

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