Mind-healingHow far does the human mind really reach? And what is the full extent of the mind’s ability to heal your body?

The founder of the Silva Method, Jose Silva, believed that 90% of illness comes from the mind itself. Therefore, most illness can be reversed by the mind.

Healing usually happens spontaneously, by accessing the deepest recesses of our physiology, beyond our conscious awareness.

Our beliefs about healing are crucial to all aspects of wellness. Our entire molecular system is mediated by hormones – the “molecules of emotion” – triggered by our thoughts and beliefs. Our brains are hardwired based on our beliefs, which change our neurotransmitter balance.

Autosuggestion is the principle that if you imagine something possible, it becomes true. And its effectiveness is well-documented. For instance, it’s been reported that 60% of chemotherapy patients start feeling sick before they begin treatment. It also works in the reverse – if you imagine something to be impossible, it will become impossible.

The most-publicized case of autosuggestion is Sam Shoeman, who was diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer and given only months to live. Shoeman died within the expected timeframe. Yet the post-mortem revealed the diagnosis was wrong – Sam’s tumor was tiny and had not spread at all.

Really, Sam did not die of cancer, but his expectation that he would die of cancer.

My main task when I coach people is to help them shift their beliefs and change their lives. When we engage our mind, anything becomes possible.

I believe that the key to changing any problem is to change the beliefs that caused it originally. I am constantly learning more about beliefs and how they affect my own life – this is an ongoing process which will continue throughout my life. Using our minds to heal ourselves requires mental focus that supports, facilitates, and in some cases, activates healing. Our thoughts have been shown to alter our neurochemistry.

The placebo effect (positive outcomes from positive expectations) and nocebo effect (negative outcomes from negative expectations) are well-documented, and in some cases, have even shown more dramatic results than the so-called “active” drugs.

So with that, here are seven ways to heal with the mind:

1.  Dream

I believe all change starts with a dream.

Dreaming our way to health may sound unrealistic, yet the realm of the subconscious is accessed by dreaming, and that’s where a lot of our bodily functions reside.

The dreaming phase is mind-expanding, and your special way of accessing a world of imagination and possibility.

Dream your way to wellness.

2.  Intention

Create a vision of healing for yourself in your mind’s eye.

Visualization (guided imagery) techniques work because the mind thinks in pictures.
Intend for the healing to manifest in your life. Intention is powerful – it propels you forward in your journey, and creates a clear and powerful goal. Intention stimulates desire.

3. Desire

Sustained positive emotions are integral to healing. Desire is an emotional trigger to keep you on your journey. The stronger the desire, the more potent is the force of will that will keep you going even when times get tough.

4.  Mindfulness

Mental focus removes other barriers that distract you. It brings the fullness of your energy into the present moment. Focusing your attention on one thing will enable you to bring all your resources to its achievement.

Meditate on transforming yourself via sacred healing.

To learn how to master some of the most powerful mind-healing meditation exercises, click here.

5.  Believe

You can change any aspect of your health through changing your belief about it.

To stimulate healing, it helps to believe you are worthy of being healed. It’s essential to believe you can be healed. What other beliefs can you create to help you to heal?

6. Hope

Hope sustains you even in the darkest hour. When it seems all is lost, we cling to hope.

7.  Tap into the soul

Healing is accessing our spiritual nature, nurturing grace, and the deepest aspect of surrendering within our souls. Healing engenders peace no matter our situation – a pure acceptance of our challenges with our blessings.

Surrender to a Higher Love. Relax away all stressful thoughts and doubts.

Tap into the Universe ask it to assist you in your healing.

Call on your angels to protect you.

When we heal, a dimension is activated beyond what we can see with the eyes. It requires us to surrender what we wish to become. Our ability to heal is far beyond what most people believe. Reprogramming beliefs is a deep, constant, and mystical path requiring full immersion, dedication and commitment.

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David Zenon Starlyte

Growing up in apartheid South Africa, David had an early initiation into a dysfunctional society. It influenced his thinking and search for peaceful and spiritual solutions. A passion for healing followed a severe childhood illness and a medical approach he found lacking gentleness and compassion. David later studied theology in war-torn Jerusalem for 3 years, before graduating as a Naturopathic physician in Australia. His explorations then led him into Asia, where he has studied Buddhism in Thailand and Qi Gong in China. As a practitioner, David has worked at some of the world's elite retreats and wellness spas from the Maldives, to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Caribbean, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. He now lives in the Great Barrier Reef and works as a soul-coach and hands-on-healer offering spiritual counseling and guidance in finding peace. You can find out more about David on his website, Facebook, and his blog, or connect with him via email at davidstarlyte@gmail.com.