I wonder, if like me when I began learning about how to work with my intuition, you got told to do “grounding”?

Perhaps you have had happy-clappy hippy teachers on cloud nine tell you it’s not that important?

Perhaps you have had Earth Mother types nag you morning, noon until night to ground?

Or perhaps you’ve never heard of the word?

Grounding simply means the practice of treating yourself with love — that’s it.

I wish it had been explained to me like that as I probably wouldn’t have resisted practicing it so much.

Yep, I plugged into the collective conscious thought form of resistance to being grounded — which is a strong one at that.

There’s an incredible resistance to “grounding” especially with newbies on the spiritual development path, you can get so high with the practices you don’t want to come down, yet down is where all the good stuff manifests!

Think of a tree, the more it opens up and reaches its branches to heaven, the more it needs to plug its roots deep into the earth to make sure it keeps alive, healthy, and growing.

So many of us rush about, spread ourselves thin, and have unrealistically high expectations for ourselves — believing we should have been able to do today’s to-do list yesterday. We don’t make time to plug into the abundant earth first.

Grounding gets you out of that self-defeatist trap and into the groove of self-love.

Why Grounding Is The Same Practice As Self Love

So what exactly do I mean about self love?

I remember a prospective client saying to me once that she didn’t want to know about self love, she just wanted to learn psychic development, because if she was psychic she would make all the right decisions.

My response was that you can be as psychic as the oracle of Delphi but if you don’t have your self-esteem, you won’t make the right decisions.

She agreed that every time she made a “wrong” decision it was because she was coming from a place of low self-esteem.

I learned through my own journey that the ultimate grounding is to practice self love. I was a psychic that wasn’t grounded because I didn’t have a healthy self-esteem. Now that is a dangerous combination!

I am not saying I am out of it yet. But I have the awareness now that this abstract concept “grounding” is actually all about treating yourself with love, and suddenly I want to do it more.

So on that note, here are my top 5 ways to treat yourself with love:

1. Breathe deep

I’m currently in the USA where smoking is even more outlawed than it is in the UK. Now, I don’t really smoke, and I have never really given up (because in my mind I don’t really smoke!).

I can go weeks without one and not have one craving. But if I am going through an emotional time, then I smoke like a trooper. Couple this with being in a country where you can’t smoke and it’s like being put in a library when you have the giggles (but the grumpy version).

When a person wants to smoke, usually it’s the deep breathing they crave. Smoker or not, try it now. So simple and SO effective, whatever it is you are craving, take three big breaths beforehand and see how you feel after. 

2. Slow down

Rushing around is the biggest head trip there is. There’s nothing like feeling you are against the clock for making sure you will make the wrong decisions.

Believe me, I suffer with this head trip so much — and most of the time it isn’t even true. It’s like I have a Big Ben Cuckoo Clock nesting in my head.

The illusion of being against the clock has caused me to mess up in countless ways. It even cost me the lotto once — with a payout of 4.5 million!

3. Be true to who you are

Love yourself enough to accept yourself for who you are. Who else are you going to be?

Find the courage to be all of who you are and honest about it, then you will know the truth of the situations around you.

Love yourself enough to give yourself the gift of living a life that’s real.

Why Grounding Is The Same Practice As Self Love

4. It’s okay to be confused, it’s not okay to stress yourself out about it

There’s a reason for it. If you have implemented the above steps (and definitely number 3) then give yourself the gift of time for all to become clear. Usually you haven’t got enough information — although that can be a hinderance, too.

For example, I need to be out of where I am on Wednesday morning, and until yesterday evening I had no idea where I was going.

By the evening, I realized it was because I was being pulled outside of myself by bits of external information. Such as having a friend in a location I could go to, or even bits of synchronicity. Check into what YOU want.

5. Don’t forget you have a body

Move it, connect with it. Listen to what it needs. Check in with it. 

Just before I left for the USA a month ago I got a Fitbit. It was amazing for helping me to see how much I wasn’t listening to my needs: Lack of sleep, lack of exercise, the need for constant stimulants of the wrong sort. I loved how it kept reminding me to get up and get moving, so important for those of us that have a sedentary lifestyle.

I took it with me to the USA and left my charger at home! I got it sent over, but the mailing got lost in-between travels — but my body is still with me, as it is with you.

Love it, honour it, ground it.


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