Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a personalized roadmap of all the areas of self-improvement for your personal growth journey?

Unfortunately, the commitment to bettering yourself doesn’t come with an instruction guide. However, there are 7 distinct areas of personal development that you can focus on working through.

Many of us tend to be dedicated to specific areas more than others. Maybe you’re devoted to your meditation practice, but have let your health fall to the wayside. Or perhaps you’ve achieved financial success, but stress and anxiety are affecting your mental health.

Understanding all 7 areas will help you find balance and propel you along your journey of self-improvement.

The 7 Areas of Personal Development

1. Your Spirit

Growth from a spiritual point of view can be loosely defined by creating a deeper connection with our innermost being.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not what our mind perceives to us to be. Our body is merely the house in which we live, and our emotions are temporary states of consciousness.

Remove emotions, thoughts, and the body, and we are left with what many religions preach that will live on eternally: the soul.

How do you want to grow spiritually? Do you want to meditate more often? Would you like to build your intuitive skills or simply trust the wisdom and guidance of your higher self?

Getting clear on your spiritual goals and what you plan to do to achieve them is foundational to overall personal development.

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2. Your Emotional Health

An emotionally intelligent person is someone that can understand and control his emotions to best suit his goals and needs.

It’s important to understand that we, as humans, can choose our state of mind. We can choose to be irritated, frustrated, we can choose to attack or analyze, and we can choose to be happy or unhappy.

Emotional maturity can be reached with meaningful experiences that generate positive emotions. You need emotional well-being in your life if you are to function at maximum capacity.

There will also be times when you will experience difficulties: you will make mistakes, either towards others or to yourself. You will experience misfortune, rejection, and disappointment. Sometimes it will be your fault, and other times, the situation will be out of your control.

An emotionally mature person knows when negative emotions are justified. Also, an emotionally intelligent person will not react to his emotions. He will wait until he is in a calmer state of mind because he knows that his emotions might cloud his judgment.

3. Your Relationships

Hands making heart shapeSpouses, kids, parents, siblings, neighbors, and close friends all come under the category of relationships.

How do you want these relationships to look? What do you value most about your friendships? Is there anything you want to have more or less of? What are your goals for love, friendship, and family relationships?

If you’re single, what are the qualities of your ideal mate? What are the qualities you want to develop to draw that mate?

4. Your Mental Health

Of all the areas of personal development, the one that often seems the easiest to develop is the mental side.

Your mind is like a computer that stores software and gets its hardware upgraded as you install more and more programs.

However, unlike a computer, which could easily stand the test of time if left unused, the mind will become slower as the neural connections weaken because of inactivity.

Engage in brain-boosting activities and read as much as you can to keep your mind sharp.

In addition to the added benefit of installing new “software” in your mind, you will expand your perception by being able to relate to more aspects of life.

Remember this: “Knowledge is power.”

5. Your Money and Career

What are your career and money benchmarks for the year? Man climbing mountains of coinsDo you have financial goals for 3, 5, and 10 years? If so, what steps do you plan to reach these goals?

These are the kind of questions you want to ask yourself when it comes to money and career areas of personal development.

Maybe there are things you want to have: a home, a new car, better furnishings, an upgraded computer.

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6. Your Physical Health

The human body is the home of the mind, heart, and soul. An individual can’t thrive in an unhealthy body. The body’s energy level influences other areas of life.

It’s harder to be happy if you’re always tired or suffering from a chronic illness. It’s hard to think about personal growth when your body is making it hard for you.

You can nurture your body with physical exercises, a healthy diet, eating at the right hours, and getting proper sleep.

Have you thought about your diet and exercise habits lately? Are there areas where you can improve them? Is there a sport you’ve always wanted to learn? Are you ready to give up potato chips or smoking?

Come up with a list of 3, 6, and 12-month goals for your fitness and health development.

7. Your Community

This area of personal development has to do with your give-back goals.

What skills or gifts do you have that could benefit your local or global community? How can you give back?

Personal development goals for your community can include all sorts of things from donating time, money, stuff, or knowledge.

Putting it all together

These 8 elements constitute the aspects of life that you must tend to if you want to grow harmoniously as a human being. They are in no way independent of each other. They are interdependent to each other with varying degrees.

Anybody that wants to grow as a human being and not just become a “smarter” person should take into account all the aspects that must be nurtured. Balance is everything.

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