To grok something, according to Wikipedia, at least, is the ability to “both comprehend something intellectually and apprehend (relate emotionally and spiritually) to its essence.”

The word grok comes from sci-fi writer Robert A. Heinlein in his book, Stranger in a Strange Land, and for most of us today, to grok something means simply, to get it.

Over the last 10 years or so, a whole new consciousness about money has emerged. Marry that with the power of the web to reach, well, billions, and you’ve got possibilities for financial abundance previous generations couldn’t even dream of.

But a lot of us are still eeking by, wondering why some folks are singing the songs of wild success while we’re still living hand-to-mouth. We’re doing all the right things – from affirmations to meditations to taking action steps – but it’s like something just wont give.

What’s going on?

What’s going on for a lot of peeps who seem to have all the right ‘tools’ in their money toolbox, is that they haven’t grokked the vibe of wealth. I’m not talking about “intellectual comprehension”. I’m talking about unconscious habits of interaction that keep us stuck in the ‘ain’t got no money’ blues.

Some of the greatest teachers of success and wealth mindset today have given us awesome guidance. Like many of us, they came from humble backgrounds with less than ideal money models. And they often share these stories freely, inspiring us to reach for our greatness financially and in all ways.

But what’s the difference between the Jack Canfields, Lisa Nichols, John Assarafs and Tony Robbins of the world and the rest of us? Well, they grokked it.

We all know by now that the Law of Attraction requires us to change our focus if we want to change our experience, whether that’s about money, love, health or an annoying neighbor. The question is, are we really doing it?

So let’s say you’ve got a money model based on scarcity. You know you’ve got it and you know, thanks to the Law of Attraction, that the myths surrounding who can have financial abundance and who can’t are all BS. So you’re visualizing more money, you’re thinking positively, you’re scribbling lists of appreciation, and maybe you’re even taking action like going to a wealth mindset seminar or starting an online biz.

Yet the weeks and months go by and it seems like the improvements are either slow in coming, non-existent, or off-set by unexpected expenses that leave you in the same !*&!! place.

I believe there are two things missing …

The Echo

Bashar, a channeled guidance whose been helping folks change their lives for the past couple of decades, says that when we start to change a habit, life will offer us an ‘echo’ of the old thing. It’s a kind of test to see if we’ve really shifted our energy and attitude about the old habit or belief. This is one of the places where a lot of us get stuck.

You’re doing all the right things, almost. But what happens inside of you when it’s time to pay the bills, when the pay check comes or when the success you’re just itching for is not quite happening? What does it feel like in that wordless place of your being every time you have to actually deal with money? If you’re feeling (and therefore vibrating) things like anger, fear, impatience or frustration, then what could have been an echo is now an even deeper groove in your broken, money model record.

The more often you repeat the old, unconscious emotions, the deeper the groove. In other words, you’re silently and unconsciously undermining all the good stuff you’re doing because your emotional charge about it hasn’t actually changed.

Act as If

Abraham, the channeled guidance offered by Esther Hicks, says most of us don’t experience major changes in our lives because we’re stuck in “what-is-itis”. We focus on what’s in front of us and if we don’t like it, we complain about it, even if silently.

Now the question that’s been baffling me is: how do we Act as If we’re wealthy if we have no idea what that’s like? If we’ve got deep grooves of stress and worry and scarcity in our life blueprint, how on earth can we fake it? Abe offers lots of tools to help us Act as If, too many to get into here, but the essence of all of them is this: look for abundance wherever you can find it and let your mind dwell there.

Your Turn!

So let’s wrap this all up in a nice, AMAP (Abundance Manifestation Action Plan). There are three specific steps I want you to take during the holiday season and right through into the New Year. Yep, I want you to commit to these three steps for a minimum of 1 month and ideally, 40 or more days. You’ve got to do the internal ‘work’ to change your external experience. In short – it’s up to you. Are you ready? Here we go …

1. Deep Awareness

Become deeply aware of your thoughts and feelings around money, especially when you are doing the things (like paying bills or balancing your check book) that trigger old vibes of scarcity, fear or anger. Notice them, observe them like an objective scientist.

This isn’t the same thing as getting wound up over them. I just want you to look, sense, and become really aware of what things trigger which feelings. When you step back like this and just observe, all of a sudden, you’re not so charged by the emotions anymore. You get a little perspective or ‘space’ from the actual feelings, and it’s in that space that you open a door inside yourself for change.

2. Ask the Right Questions

Asking things like “Why can’t I succeed?” or “When am I ever going to get ahead?” will not – let me repeat this – will NOT help. Once you’ve got a pretty good bead on your emotional habits around money, and when those emotions are triggered, you’ve got to ask constructive questions. Questions like: “How can I rearrange the way I’m prioritizing my expenses to leverage my current income better?” or “Who can I speak with that’s got a great money model about how they organize their finances?” or “How many different ways can I look at this so that it feels different inside me?”

3. Fake It

Where in your life is there abundance already? Maybe you’ve got plenty of hot water to shower with on cold mornings. Maybe you can enjoy a big mug of coffee every morning. Maybe your kids are healthy and full of energy or your own body is vital and strong. Maybe your car works great or you don’t even need a car because the mass transit system in your city goes just about everywhere. Maybe you live close to nature and there are plenty of trees and lots of fresh air. Maybe you’ve simply got all your fingers and toes.

Whatever and wherever you can find abundance, focus on it, appreciate it, dwell on it, be thankful for it – then do this every single day. You may not be living in a mansion yet, but you might have enough blankets to keep you cozy on a cold night, so see, see, see the abundance you do have, and bask in it every time you catch yourself drifting into thoughts and feelings of scarcity.

If this post speaks to you, write us and let us know. Then start your year off right by taking these three, powerful steps to heal your money model and manifest abundance once and for all.


Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, traveler, speaker and coach. She's been living a life devoted to spirit and purpose for more than 28 years. As the author and host of, and a guest contributor to a number of personal growth blogs, Dawn shares insights, tips and practical tools for you to live a life of greater purpose, happiness and abundance. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Unlocking your Prosperity: 7 Keys to Healing your Money Mindset & Fully Stepping into your Calling.