For your business to run smoothly and profitably, you must have an idea of how to increase productivity at work. The relationship between the quantity produced and the resources used is significant in every company to lead various markets.

You should be more deliberate on how you use your time.  Making small changes and turning them into habits will have a positive impact on your productivity. You’ll be able to complete quality work within a brief time. Good productivity is not only based on working hard but also on working smart. You should be able to balance between production, quality and the use of resources, and for this having a healthy work space is essential so you can give your best in the place you work.

Below are the tips that will ensure productivity in the workplace;

1. Two Minute Rule

Many people prefer giving priority to tasks that require a lot of time and those that need less time are done afterward. You should always keep the Two–minute rule in mind where functions that can be done within two minutes or less should be tackled immediately to save time rather than having to get back to it after finishing other work.

2. Don’t Multitask, Work on One Task at a Time>

Avoiding this will help you to increase your concentration since you’re dealing with one job at a time. When multitasking you will end up doing the task in the wrong way. You can be tempted to tackle more than one task especially when they are small tasks, but you should take one at a time, you’ll even finish faster than when multitasking.

3. Utilize Modern Software

Utilizing modern software has a tremendous amount of potential to increase your workforce productivity, save you time and money. Current software simplifies complex business processes.

Video conferencing can be of great benefit to the company as it cuts on cost and time. This reduces wastage of time and amount as employees don’t have to travel for business purposes or have a meeting.

Internet software, on the other hand, enables you to create online pages that will bring together social conversation and knowledge management, this cuts down the time spend to send information to the employees one by one as the report is posted on the online page hence every worker will access it there.

Modern software helps you in keeping business information up to date rather than trying to find it on files cabinet. Technology provides business analysis that will help you to know how the business is progressing and customer’s preferences.

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4. Take Breaks productivity

A whole day of working without rest consumes your brain capacity reducing productivity. Taking a break while working may be seen inappropriate and wastage of time but guess what? It is one of the methods of increasing productivity in the business.

When you’re taking long tasks that require a lot of time, it is advisable you take a short break because you will increase your concentration hence maintaining your level of performance. You should take exercise breaks once in a while like going to the gym this will enhance the functioning of your brain-boosting your brain power and memory giving improved concentration.

Taking a 10-minute nap on your desk will increase productivity because it will help in rebooting body system. Many people get new ideas while they are relaxing and a clear perspective of their work. Breaks will help in preventing avoidable accidents that may occur in the workplace due to fatigue and stress from work.

5. Eliminate meetings that are useless

One of the interruptions in most of the companies is unnecessary meetings. Eliminate useless meetings that consume time and resources that could have been used to do something productive and as you know time is money!

Holding stand-up meetings have some advantages it increases group concentration, increased good performance and saves time. These less useful meetings crush morale killing productivity of the employees.

Having one session per week will ensure you have uninterrupted time that will help in productivity.

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6. Turn off All the Notifications

You should turn off all the notification when doing work to avoid losing your focus. When you hear the notification sound from your gadget, you’ll always be tempted to leave what you’re doing and have a look at the information whether its e-mail, text message or voice mail.

The quality of your work is mainly determined by how well you’re focused so you should avoid anything that comes between you and the task taken.

How to be productive at work should be one of the most important and motivating things that must be ringing in every worker’s mind since that is their primary goal, and by doing this, running of the business will be efficient.

Throughout the workday you should keep asking yourself, are you working towards your goal? If the answer is «Yes», continue with the progress, but if «No» you need to refocus on the target. It requires you to be highly disciplined to follow the tips presented in this article.

Be confident at what you are doing, and by the end of the day, your profit will be acquired.

Michelle Lambert

Michelle Lambert is a professional consultant on productivity. She has a long experience in this field and has earned her trust with clients at She offers tips on how one can achieve desired results in personal life, workplace, companies, and organization by teaching the best skills to enhance productivity.