If you haven’t noticed already, the human race is heading into an Age of Enlightenment. Not sure if that means a horn-tooting blowout on the strike of midnight come 2012, but there is certainly a massive shift of mental energy, and sociological happenings going on in our society. One thing is certain though, that in dealing with our over-stimulated environment, the impact of technology and the immense social problems of the modern age, we must fully consider what mental stance the individual should take in response to all this turbulence.

Matthew Taylor delves deep into the matter of enlightenment in the 21 century. He gives amazing insights into an ongoing struggle of human behavior; shedding light on the repeating patterns that we see again and again as we set intentions of changing the world and ourselves. The fact is, an age of enlightenment gives off the present energy that will lead to future progress, the subtraite of change that will start reversing the physical “realities” we are currently facing in the world. We have to be realistic with our own abilities to remain positive and keep vibrating on enlightened levels. Some people have accessed this ability stronger than others, be it through intuition or discipline, but it’s a unique kind of fight, one that requires patience, diligence and compassion of the often times frail nature of the human being.

Enjoy this enlightening animation by Matthew Taylor and do join in on the discussion by leaving a comment below! :)

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