Would you like to start the week off right by getting the universe on your side? If your answer is “Yes!”, here are some of our favorite quotes to help turn your thoughts and dreams into reality!

Law Of Attraction Quotes On Thoughts

“Thoughts become things, choose the good ones.” – Mike Dooley and the Universe

“You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”- Brian Tracy

“Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your mind’s eye, and you will be drawn toward it.”- Napoleon Hill

“The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do.”- Denis Waitley

Law Of Attraction Quotes On Attitude

“Gratitude is an attitude that hooks us up to our source of supply. And the more grateful you are, the closer you become to your maker, to the architect of the universe, to the spiritual core of your being.” – Bob Proctor

“It’s really important that you feel good. Because this feeling good is what goes out as a signal into the universe and starts to attract more of itself to you. So the more you can feel good, the more you will attract the things that help you feel good and that will keep bringing you up higher and higher.” – Joe Vitale

“People who ask confidently get more than those who are hesitant and uncertain. When you’ve figured out what you want to ask for, do it with certainty, boldness and confidence.”- Jack Canfield

“I just do not hang around anybody that I don’t want to be with. Period. For me, that’s been a blessing, and I can stay positive. I hang around people who are happy, who are growing, who want to learn, who don’t mind saying sorry or thank you… and are having a fun time.” – John Assaraf

The Law of Attraction Quotes on Energy

“The past has no power over the present moment.” – Eckhart Tolle

“You are a magnet, for infinite abundance, divine intelligence, and unlimited love.” – Mike Dooley and the Universe

“It’s not your work to make anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen.” – Abraham-Hicks

“The Universe never asked you to struggle. It is simply answering your mood.” – Abraham-Hicks

The Law of Attraction Quotes and You…

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