The modern lifestyle has become busy, stressful and there is often little time to spend with the ones you truly love.

You have to dedicate your life to building a career, which helps to pay the rent, buy food and settle the bills. From the moment you get up until the moment your head hits the pillow at night, your day is filled with an endless amount of tasks that you need to complete to stay up-to-date.

Not being able to complete a daily set of tasks means you will have to work overtime tomorrow, and with an already-busy schedule, there simply isn’t room. One particular problem that the modern lifestyle brings about is the fact that we tend to miss out on important moments we could have spent with a loved one. .

When we are busy, we do not only tend to skip a date night or maybe miss out on a child’s soccer game, but we also start to take the smaller things in life for granted. Tiny Buddha tells us that we should at least try to enjoy and appreciate the smaller things in life, as one day you might look back at your life and realize that those smaller things were really memorable that you simply took for granted, overlooked and moved on.

In this post, I would like to share some ideas with you – to help you notice those smaller things and to help you appreciate them, and celebrate them, with the people you love. While this may be hard at times, taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule is surely not going to ruin your entire day.

The Morning Routine

Your alarm goes off and you jump out of bed. A quick shower, some breakfast and a “Goodbye, Honey”. Then you are off to work.

This is the morning routine of many people all over the world, and discovering the problem here should be quite easy – you didn’t spend any time with the person right next to you in bed.

We become so used to each other simply being there, that we often overlook the fact that they are there because they love us. There’s no need to Google a solution on how to improve memory if you want to solve this problem; you are not really forgetting that they exist, but rather taking the fact that they are there every morning for granted.

Tomorrow morning, you should try to appreciate the moment you two have together when you wake up. If this is really a problem, set your alarm ten minutes earlier. Cuddle up in their arms and spend some time with them. Ask them how they slept and remember to tell them that they should have a nice day before you leave. Oh yes – and don’t forget the “I love you” part!

The Lunch-Time Message

Psych Central reports that communication is a key element in a relationship, but when we miss out on spending enough time together, our communication starts lacking.

Awareness in a relationship goes both ways. You need to make sure your partner knows that you are thinking about them, and they should do the same.

A lot of couples reflect on each other during their lunch break – it’s normal – and showing your partner that you are thinking about them will make them feel more appreciated and loved.

If your partner decides to send you a message during their lunch break, do not ignore the message. Even if it is just to tell you something completely irrelevant – it might be their way of telling you that you are on their mind. Reply to the message. If they do not send you a message, then be the first to do so. While this may seem like something simple and insignificant, it can make both of you feel better about yourselves and about each other.

The Inside Joke

The time you and your partner get to spend together is precious, and in many cases, you may come up with some silly ideas, jokes and thoughts. These are all healthy for your relationship and can even make things a little fun when you are out with some friends. The more time you spend together, the more inside jokes you will come up with.

Prevention reports that inside jokes are something that couples should share and that it is truly something to celebrate and appreciate. The next time you are out with friends and one of them makes a comment that relates to an inside joke you and your partner may have, look at them and grin – they’ll know why you’re grinning!

A Congratulations Is Sometimes In Order

Finally, we want to remind you that your partner is working hard to achieve what they are achieving, and to build a better life for the both of you.

Couples get so used to each other being there and working all the time, which they often fail to appreciate and to celebrate the achievements that are made by each individual. When your partner comes home and tells you that they have landed a good sale today, give them a kiss and congratulate them.

This is only one simple example, but there are a lot of times when such a congratulations might be in order, which will immediately make your partner feel proud and loved. Remember that success and progress are habits of successful people, and those congratulations will surely make your partner feel motivated to improve even further – not only will this make them become better at whatever it is you congratulated them about, but it could even mean a better future for the two of you.


While we all lead a modern lifestyle that is cluttered with assignments, it is still important not to take everything that happens around us for granted. What may seem like a small event that you can easily miss or overlook today, might become something you become depressed about later in life. Thus, we recommend you take five minutes out of your busy schedule to appreciate and, of course, to celebrate those insignificant moments, for they could really be significant moments that would have added more meaning to your life.

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