Many persuasive people from CEOs to lower-level management benefited from negotiation training in order to gain the persuasive skills needed in their daily lives. Whether you realize it or not, negotiations are constantly taking place around us.

Often, there will be people in your life that seem to get their way with minimal effort. The most influential and persuasive people usually tend to have similar attributes. Fortunately, it is possible to learn and apply these skills in our day to day lives.

1. Communication

Communication skills are essential in persuasion because you need to be able to convey your message effectively. Corporate negotiation classes will usually take time to demonstrate that keeping concepts simple and easy to understand will go a long way in convincing the other party.

Giving the other person or group complicated information results in them thinking too much. We don’t want to provoke thought; we want them to readily agree. The art of persuasion is often used to resolve a conflict.

To be an effective communicator, we need to be active listeners. Seminars dealing with negotiation will usually have participants practice active listening to hone these skills. Active listening involves being attentive, responsive, and engaging.

Also, communicating effectively isn’t enough to be persuasive in and of itself. You need to be able to make people like and trust you. In other words, be charismatic and friendly. How often are people persuaded by a person they can’t stand?

As Cicero stated, “…friendships have been formed not only by the use of reason but also more easily by the use of eloquence.”

Remember, it isn’t always what you say that is important: how you say it is equally important.

Body language is also a significant part of communicating. Maintaining a friendly air of confidence when speaking can help show that you are secure in your position. Being confident and secure makes people want to agree with you.

2. Empathy

Aristotle said that we must discuss both sides of an argument to discover the truth.

Can you easily convince or persuade someone you don’t understand? Probably not. A negotiating class taught by a skilled instructor will most likely touch on this issue.

Persuasive people are inherently empathetic. Being empathetic is useful because understanding people’s wants and needs can show you the path to convincing them. Negotiation classes are adept at teaching students how to “read” other people.

The problem with incompetent managers or negotiators is that they try to force compliance instead of agreement. This leadership style creates resentment instead of respect. Compliance relies on people doing what you want because they have to, whereas agreement is self-explanatory.

When you truly understand someone else’s point of view, it is much easier to convert that person to your side of an argument. Understanding creates better results in negotiations, as well as in the workplace.

Achieving a high level of empathy usually means developing a good sense of intuition. The first step would be to learning how intuitive you actually are, and then learning the steps needed to increase your level of intuition.

3. Logical Reasoning

How often have you thought to yourself, “That doesn’t even make sense?” When making an argument, it is vital that your reasoning be logical. An illogical argument can cause confusion and misunderstanding.

Confusion usually leads to conflict instead of agreement. If the person you are trying to convince is busy thinking, they may have difficulty following your argument. If your argument is focused, your audience should be focused.

An important aspect of logical reasoning is knowing what the other person’s rebuttal is going to be. Thinking about their argument ahead of time is key to coming up with a successful counter-argument.

For example, good lawyers rarely ask questions they don’t know the answer to. Logic and proper planning allow lawyers to persuade the jury.

All three of these attributes are found in persuasive people across most fields. These skills are used to effect the desired change and leave your mark on this world.

Milena Gallo

As a marketing advisor, Milena Gallo is passionate about corporate negotiation classes, using digital media to build connections, share information, and promote businesses she believes in. She holds a degree in business and has many years of digital marketing experience. Milena’s real gift is for supporting entrepreneurs in realizing their business dreams through effective outreach. Her campaigns bring in new audiences, builds brand confidence, and supports businesses in reaching their goals. Milena is passionate about the environment and loves to spend afternoons working in her garden.