Before I go straight into the details of why diets fail and why yoga work, I want to introduce you to someone awesome and super cool. Her name is Nika Florek and she used to work at MindValley. I loved working with her but it wasn’t before long she decided to follow her passion: yoga.

So she took the leap, followed her love, and has never looked back since. And I couldn’t be happier for her :-)

Slim Yogi

Her story’s pretty cool actually. Like most people trying to get fit and lose weight, she went on the fad diets, went to the gym, but still nothing worked. And if it did, it only worked temporarily. This probably would’ve gone on for some time had it not been for a totally eye opening trip to India where she discovered her love for yoga.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of all the buzz around yoga, but it’s for real. Just ask Nika (or look at her – she’s fit!).

That’s why she wanted me to pass on this special report to everyone at FinerMinds – to share the wisdom and truth she’s gained about weight loss. Think of it as an expose on the weight problems we all face and how you can turn your life around with yoga.

Great report and I can’t deny there are some facts in there that shock me! Especially the parts about dieting and the weight loss industry. Just click the link below to download it. You might have to do the whole “right click, click save as” thing if an automatic “Save As” window doesn’t pop up.

Click here to download The Fat Race Report: What The Weight Loss Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know >>

Years after her trip to India, Nika’s still living her passion. In fact, she’s now known as the Slim Yogi because of how she’s taken yoga and transformed it into an awesome workout that targets both weight and holistic health. You can check out her site here >> Awesome content on yoga and her specially developed 4-pillar Yoga System for weight loss and health.

And even if you’re not looking to lose weight but to just be healthy, I really recommend checking it out.

Here’s her page – tons of info on using yoga for weight loss and her personal story >>

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