You’re on the way home, and as you drive along your thoughts drift to a dear friend you met at your last job. You really wish you had stayed in touch with them; you miss their warm energy and the way they made you laugh. As you joyfully think back to your friendship, you make a mental note to get in touch with them; only for “chance” to beat you to the punch line as you run into them the next morning at the gas station.

You may consider this to be no more than a random act, a chance encounter that happened. And maybe it was, although most of us have probably experienced these types of situations more than once in our lives, leading us to feel that fate, the Universe, or whatever you believe, has played a part.

Another term that can be used to explain this type of encounter is a coincidence or synchronicity. The term “synchronicity” comes from the word “chronis” which means in time – so in essence it’s a planned event that happens in time.

Legendary Deepak Chopra M.D, physician and writer, has spoken a lot about synchronicities, and states that there is no such thing as a random event, as what seems random is actually a conspiracy of improbabilities coming together at a synchronized in time.

They’re a result of our conscious and subconscious intentions intertwining with the Universe and all that exists. They also reflect our intuitive abilities and our manifestations, and are considered to be good luck and gifts from the Universe. So, how can you create more of these not-so-random acts of fate coming your way?

According to Deepak, the first step to manifesting your conscious and subconscious intentions is to go beyond your ego and really get in touch with what will make your soul happy. It’s no surprise that it isn’t about chasing your material aspirations, but your journey to leading an authentic life. In order to do this, you must see the world as an extension of yourself, and all your relationships as a mirror of who you are.

As with all manifestations, it’s important you understand and define your desires, but you must avoid getting caught up in the finer details and becoming attached to a particular outcome. Remember, that by focusing only on one desired outcome, you are blind to other, and even better, opportunities available to you.

When you experience a coincidence, you should make note of it and ask yourself what it means. If this something you had manifested, look at your intention behind it. Like “bumping” into that dear friend at the gas station, was it because you both have such warm feelings towards each other and that your paths were meant to collide again?

In the short video above, taken from the TV series Iconoclasts, featuring Deepak Chopra and Mike Myers, they discuss synchronicities further. Tell us what you think, do you believe random events are in fact just that, or that they’re a result of our intentions intertwining with the Universe?

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