Still not manifesting your dream life and wondering why?

Well, maybe your limiting beliefs are getting in the way. Today I’d like to have a little ‘talk’ with you about limiting beliefs and the annoying habit they seem to have of stealthily undermining even your best efforts.

It happens to a lot of us. When it comes to manifestation and limiting beliefs, there are three things to keep in mind:

  1. The power of your subconscious
  2. Patience is a virtue
  3. It’s a full-time gig.

Let’s have a closer look at each of these points and see how they affect your ability to manifest your desires.

1. The Power of Your Subconscious

Positive thinking is important, but here’s the thing: your subconscious mind has a ‘mind’ of its own, and until you set your sites on bringing awareness to your automatic, unconscious thoughts, you’re not going to see a lot of change.

What does this mean?

It means paying attention to what you’re thinking about when you’re doing mundane things like cooking, driving, cleaning or walking the dog. It means stirring up the beliefs and values that your parents and society imprinted on you as a kid and questioning whether you even believe or want them anymore.

I can’t tell you how many people have said things to me like, I believe in the Law of Attraction, it just doesn’t work for me.

Oh, you are so special that one of the major laws of the universe has exempted you! Right.

Hey, not that I don’t think every single one of us is special, because we are, but when these same peeps start defying other laws like gravity, I’ll start to believe in their cosmic exemption. No, it’s not that ‘it doesn’t work’ for some people. It’s that some people can’t harness the law of attraction for manifestation because their subconscious minds undermine every positive affirmation they make.

2. Patience is a Virtue

My dad used to tell me “patience is a virtue” every time I got excited about some future event or frustrated when things didn’t happen when I wanted them too. As a kid, I didn’t really understand what he meant, but boy-oh-boy do I understand now.

My youthful impatience continued on into adulthood and right through into my initiation into the world of conscious manifestation. I’d apply all the rules and protocols, then get frustrated when instant manifestation didn’t occur. As soon as I didn’t see what I wanted showing up, I’d feel frustrated and impatient – and then I’d start to doubt.

Here’s the thing: in our dense physical world, manifestation sometimes takes a little time. Just because we don’t see instant results doesn’t mean the universe isn’t ‘going to bat’ for us at that very moment, lining up the circumstances, peeps, and events that will unfold into exactly what we’re wanting.

So my advice? Be patient :)

3. It’s a Full-Time Gig

Just like life, consciousness and awareness about what you’re thinking and intending is a full-time gig. Sorry, but taking the weekends off to bitch, moan and criticize does not a conscious person make. You want a life worth living? Then eliminating your limiting beliefs and negative attitudes is a-priori – all the time.

I’ve overcome a bunch of limiting beliefs through the years by shining the light of consciousness on my subconscious thinking, being patient and staying committed to positive change.

One of the biggest of these was my limiting belief that I’d never find a good relationship or get to live in my beloved Rocky Mountains again. This went on for about 5 years until I finally got momentum with the principles of the law of attraction. How about you? Do you have a huge limiting belief you’re ready to overcome? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, traveler, speaker and coach. She's been living a life devoted to spirit and purpose for more than 28 years. As the author and host of, and a guest contributor to a number of personal growth blogs, Dawn shares insights, tips and practical tools for you to live a life of greater purpose, happiness and abundance. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Unlocking your Prosperity: 7 Keys to Healing your Money Mindset & Fully Stepping into your Calling.