Have you ever considered why sometimes in our lives we say “I just need a little space right now,” or something along the lines of, “Just give me some space right now”?

You may think that these phrases came from the subject of relationships. However, there is more to wanting “space” than we think. We need to look into this more and see that when people say “space”, it also relates to finances.

First, we need to look at this word – space. What does it actually mean?

Space is not about all the area that we find in the Universe (although there is a clue in that thought right there). The Universe is meant to be all-encompassing and potentially infinite, and yet the Universe is mostly – and I mean mostly – just empty “space.”

Human beings, on the other hand, seem to be on a mission! A mission to avoid feeling emptiness. To “avoid” the “void.” We strive to fill it, yet maybe it’s the void that we’re actually looking for… Isn’t the void in Space what makes the Universe so infinitely grand?

There is something to say about the idea of having space, or “having your own space.” There is infinite potential in the “nothingness.”

Have you ever felt joyful for no reason whatsoever? You may not have been thinking or feeling about anything in particular. In this place of not feeling or thinking anything is actually something.

Right there is an experience that is very difficult to describe, and the only words that come to me to express it are that you feel the fullness within the nothingness, resulting in you the joyful sensations that you may think for no reason in particular.

So what does it feel like when you create space? Light. Expansive. It’s the sensation you get when you get rid of things that you no longer require. Like when you do a spring cleaning and throw away junk that has been collecting. By throwing these old things out, there is a lightness you feel, and create so much space in the place where they once were.

What you’re experiencing from making space physically in your life is very similar in what it feels to makes space emotionally or mentally. The physical space you’ve created and how it makes you feel is a mirror or reflective experience of what it feels like to makes space in yourself.

Making space emotionally and mentally is also all about “taking out the junk.” In other words, all the things that are no longer serving you and letting go of the things that you think you need to “keep,” “collect,” or “own.”

How do you know if something is taking up space in your mind? It’s quite simple.

It’s the thing you continue to think about it and reflect on, and and it may sway or influence your perception of how you view it but also influences how you perceive all other things in your life.

When I say “clearing out” the things that are taking up space, this does NOT mean placing your attention on those things and trying to fix, improve, change or get rid of those particular things.

The ONLY way to create space is not by getting rid of the things that are creating emotional or mental clutter, but rather, by giving space to those very things.

When the mind is trying to make space, it’s trying to get rid of, or change something. This actually gives energy to the very thing that is taking up room in the first place and fuels it to take up even more space!

Let’s go back to discussing what it feels like when you experience space. I said it feels light and expansive, and amongst that expansiveness is the feeling of joy (with no reason) and freedom. To further describe these emotions you will feel, I will throw the word “allow” in there.

You can’t make yourself feel true joy and freedom as they are born from Infinite Love, and love is not something we find, it’s something that finds us. In other words, we have to allow ourselves to feel, not make ourselves feel it.

Therefore when you’re giving space to the very thing that is taking up space, the first thing you’re actually doing is quite the opposite to what your mind is wanting to do. You’re actually allowing the cause of the void, or what I can describe is that the “suffering” or “consumption” to disappear.

After you’re no longer “resisting” what was taking up space and its existence becomes irrelevant to you, you’ll just notice that it is no longer taking up space. And you’ll know this because of all the lightness and expansive feelings you’ll immediately experience the moment you create space.

What does this have to do with money? Everything!

In most people’s minds, what takes up space is similar to some of the following ideas: How am I going to afford this? Where is the money coming from? What if I run out of money? I want to make more money, but how can I make more money?

The moment you place your attention on money, which is only the means to the end, it begins to inhabit space in your mind.

When I feel moved to have something or go in a direction on my journey that requires money, I simply decide to direct my attention towards ONLY what I feel moved to do.

Notice the key word I’m using here: moved. It’s not what I think I need to do; it’s what I feel moved to do. What you need to do requires motivation to do it, and that’s not something that comes from infinite space, rather from a lack of space.

The feeling that moves you is felt with inspiration, and when you’re doing something that you’re feeling inspired to do, it comes from the feeling of already “having” or “knowing.” It comes from infinite space.

Nobody needs to be motivated to do something that they’re already inspired to do; you only need to be motivated around something that you “need” to do. And “need” comes from a lack of space; love comes from an abundance of space, infinite space.

I wish for you space. I wish for you Infinite Living!


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